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If you could, WOULD you buy your grocery's from an UNREGULATED store or a REGULATED one?

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No Republican sits around thinking government is useless. They sit around thinking Republicans are more useful than nonuseful for realistic regulation & spending & that Democrat politicians are simply more of a cancer than they are useful. If I oppose you, it's not because you never did anything useful ever, but that you did more harm than good.

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If I were aware of who was regulating my food, I'd hope they weren't someone who believes pedophilia was a sexual orientation and that shutting off our pipeline while opening up a foreign one saves the environment.

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I love how you're pretending like Conservatives are anti-regulation of any kind so you can get through the day. We aren't anti roads, anti food regulation etc. We're anti regulations created simply so the Democrats can get off on authoritarianism and over reach such as squashing one industry with regs in order to prop up the industries of their lobbyists or shutting off the Keystone pipeline in the name of environmentalism, then reopening the Russian pipeline enabling them to afford to invade a country as our gas prices sky rocket. We're against omnibus spending bills for over a trillion dollars where millions went to "Pakistani Gender Studies". Nah no kickbacks there. We like budgets and rational regulations. It's just a thing adults do.

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States with most debt: All run by Democrat governments. States with least debt: All run by Republican governments.

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When it comes to government regs and oversight, there's a big difference between inspecting my food and shutting down my business, destroying my wealth and taking my employees jobs and refusing to let me open back up.

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excon(16765) Disputed
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there's a big difference between inspecting my food and shutting down my business, destroying my wealth and taking my employees jobs and refusing to let me open back up.

Hello Big:

Yeah.. World wide pandemics are costly.. Curious why you didn't mention it. In any case, it's a bummer if you lost everything...

However, it's not quite like you described it.. According to you, outta the blue, those mean Democrats took everything from you because, well, they're mean..

Truth is, your business took a wallop from the market due to Covid. You didn't prepare for it and you didn't survive.. That's the nature of capitalism.. Nobody who fails thinks its their fault. You're no different..



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Developing(263) Disputed
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Excon, the Covid death rate is under 1% (almost exclusively senior citizens and people with preconditions). For the rest it has been a mild to severe flu bug.

The Democrats have DESTROYED our previously VERY STRONG economy including BigTrains successful business and your weak reply is "it's a bummer if you lost everything". And then you go on to say it's BigTrains fault that he didn't prepare for that. Excon, It's no wonder you have ZERO supporters on this website despite having 16,228 posts. You are despicable.

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