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If you could, would you eliminate all flies in the world?

Annoying pests or welcome guests?


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Yes. And moles, and rats, and mice, and mosquitoes (especially) and polar bears. The reason i would get rid of polar bears is because if we did, then we wouldn't have to worry about saving them from global warming and we could drill for oil in Alaska and not be so dependent on foreign oil. But I wouldn't eliminate the baby seals because we need all those wonderful fur coats. Lets see, did I miss anything?

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While it is true that they spread disease and are a general nuisance, they help spread pollen and help decompose material.

It also can't be ignored that because of the Fruit Fly genetics experiment conducted by Thomas Hunt Morgan helped us make a huge leap in learning about genetics, heredity, and evolution. They help study genetics in biological studies because they are easy to manage, reproduce and die quickly, and have only 4 chromosomes and 3 autosomes.

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