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 If you could go back and kill Hitler as a baby, would you do it? (66)

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If you could go back and kill Hitler as a baby, would you do it?

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If you could go back and kill Hitler, you should realise that the timeline that led to your very own existence is going to be altered.

In other words, Hitler was a baby in a timeline where if he gets killed then even if you are born then you never have a Hitler left to go back and kill rendering the you who went back to kill him impossible.

Dermot(5796) Clarified
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Not necessarily, wormholes could solve any of these apparent problems

Anyway the question is lighthearted in nature

Mingiwuwu(1467) Disputed
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I was anticipating such a comeback. Then the universe where Hitler reigned supreme is still in tact and still happened and I only saved the alternate one meaning I had no impact on the one where the horrors occurred.

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Hitler would only be guilty once he committed a crime. It is not right to kill an innocent baby who has not done anything wrong.

Dermot(5796) Disputed
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Can you not understand a simple stated question as in if you’re going back in time you already know whaat Hitler is guilty off , why is this so difficult for you ?

fgtorres(12) Clarified
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Where in the topic question does it mention that he's already guilty?

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I'm flattered that you think I would have been that deadly as a baby. And hey, that would have been really embarrassing for him and his followers. Imagine seeing Hitler flat on his back with a bloody little mustache while I as a baby wipe his blood off my rattle.

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Why the flying anusol biscuits not. You may as well if you have the chance.

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And disrupt all of world history? Why not? Let's see, no space, no jet engine, and no World War 2. Doesn't sound like the best world.

Nah, he is an important figure inn history. We would never have the jet if it wasn’t for the nazis

TheDarkLord(62) Disputed
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I'm sure someone would have thought it up eventually without having to genocide millions of people in the process.

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I'm sure someone would have thought it up

Oh, so you're a Jewish supremacist? What's so wrong with the Aryan people, you disgusting racist?

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Ya, sure. I still thin we shouldn’t mess with history......................

Antrim(1297) Disputed
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Britain's Frank Whittle is credited with single-handedly inventing the first turbojet engine.

Lack of funding meant that development of whittle's design was slowed up thus permitting Germany's Von Ohain to marginally creep slightly ahead of the British machine.

Britain's twin engined Gloster Meteor jet fighter was in use well before the end of WW2 and was used extensively in the shooting down of Germany's V1 rockets over Britain.

The demise of the infant Adolph Hitler would not have meant that the jet engine would not have been invented.

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No. He was a baby. Whatever caused his sins occurred as he grew up. Maybe I would raise him differently? I don't know but as a baby he was innocent.

Dermot(5796) Clarified
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Yes but you’re going back in time to eliminate him as you have knowledge of how his future pans out

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Sure but if I take him and raise him differently it's entirely possible that future would change without having to kill a baby.

If you could go back and kill Hitler as a baby, would you do it?

No, I don't think I'd be able to kill anything as a baby, except for maybe my parents' spirits. The real question is, what if you were Hitler's mother? Would you have gotten an abortion?

Mingiwuwu(1467) Clarified
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The answer is no you wouldn't.

The proof is she didn't.

You can laugh at how simplistic I think, I laugh at how complex the lie is. If you were his mother, you wouldn't abort him because his mother (who is the person that you are) didn't abort him.

1 point

you wouldn't abort him because his mother didn't abort him

My question isn't based on if you were just seeing what was happening in the mother's eyes, my question is based on if you were able to abort Hitler, with all the knowledge of what would happen given you don't abort him.

Is this a trick question?



If Hitler was never born, there still may have been something like the Nazis. There was so much about Germany then that could still cause backlash against Jews. Also, they may have been more qualified commanders that may have WON!

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There was so much about Germany then that could still cause backlash against Jews.

Hello S:

It's true.. Nazis hated Jews then, and Nazis hate Jews now.. Ain't nothing new about that.


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When I first saw this I thought it said 'Hillary'... Hitler? I dunno?

Hitler fell short in 2 ways:

1: he tried to attack Moscow at the worst time possible

2: he was too afraid of losing Christian members of the SS to do what he at heart knew should be done: REVERT GERMANY back to its ODINIST roots and completely pitch the Abrahamic bullshit in the trash

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As much as I hate Hitler for all the terrible things he did, I wouldn't kill him (as a baby) even if I could. I would probably talk to him about love and compassion and hints that could stop him from doing the same thing in the future

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Personally I don't agree with Hitler's polices or his final solution but without him in history what stops someone else from doing what he has done. As well as the technology that was created for the war that we would be without. Hitler was a bad man ,but this could alter time in such a way that could be devastating.

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Work on the placement of your commas, please. I can barely read normal English, let alone that dumpster fire of a paragraph. Other than that, I agree.

Trainmanthe3(1) Disputed
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Wow on time there. Maybe try to comment on someone who hasn't forgotten about this debate.

I believe that eliminating " The Baby Adolf Hitler " from the German society would NOT have helped to minimize, reduce or slow down, change or alter anything.

The Vatican Primate / The Pontiff, Pius XII and His family had major and deep banking investments and bank holdings that were losing their interests and strongholds.

I believe that eliminating " The Baby Adolf Hitler " from the German society would NOT have helped to minimize, reduce or slow down, change or alter the elements and actions of The German and Italian union with The Vatican Concordat / Contract and FULL / Vatican Papal Support of the German / Italian alliance.

The Vatican Primate / The Pontiff, Pius XII and His family had major and deep banking investments and bank holdings that were losing their interests and strongholds. And Adolf Hitler was supposed to offer the Catholic Church and VATICAN full control over the schools and Catholic Churches in Germany.

The Italian and German Governments were set up and determined to work together to eXterminating the Jewish society and removing the successful elements of The Jewish race.

The Roman Catholic Church and Italian Government had been waging war on the Jews since the birth Of Jesus Christ.

The Vatican Primate / The Pontiff, Pius XII / Pacelli Eugenio was born into a wealthy family that was in service to the Holy See for three or four generations. His Catholic grandfather, Marcantonio Pacelli, had been the minister of finance for Pope Gregory XVI and deputy minister of interior under Pope Pius IX from 1851 to 1870. He founded the L’Osservatore Romano on July 20, 1860.

His Catholic father Filippo Pacelli, was a solicitor (lawyer) in the Congregation of the Sacred Rota. His brother, Francesco Pacelli, a Vatican lawyer as well, was dean of the lawyers of the Rota. He was also the legal advisor to Pius XI, in which role he negotiated the Lateran Treaty in 1929, established the independence of the Papacy with the formation of Vatican City as a sovereign entity.

The Pius Family had put an enormous amount of time, effort and money and finances into their Vatican banking structure and system and the Pius family positions and work in the Vatican had been a generational occupation.

So the great question is " Why would The Vatican Primate / The Pontiff, Pius XII - Pacelli Eugenio suddenly turn His allegiance and loyalty to Adolf Hitler to place His whole entire families future and previous multi-generational work and efforts, their bankings and monies and wealth into the hands and allegiance to Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party.

Hitler had already been convicted of state-sponsored terrorism and was sentenced to four years in federal prison for violently attacking the German Government. Also, Hitler wrote a violent book about violently destroying and throwing the Jews out of Italy and Germany and other places.

Why would The Pius Vatican bank and wealthy generational Family tree join hands with ADOLF HITLER a convicted terrorist and violent Jew hating psychopath maniacal satanic, evil, perverted criminal ?

The fact is - The Vatican Primate / The Pontiff, Pius XII and His Family believed that Adolf Hitler would keep His word to the Vatican Bank and INVESTMENTS all the way to the end.

And that all of the money that the Italians and Germans stole and raided and seized from the Jews and others throughout Europe was never to be returned, The Vatican absolutely had no concern about any Jews having their properties and wealth stolen from them …..

The Pontiff, Pius XII was eXpecting Hitler and the German Government to keep the Catholic Church in full control and to be protected by the violent mob rule of the Nazi party, to maintain force in promoting the Roman Catholic systems throughout Europe to prop up The Pius Vatican bank and wealthy Family structure that was to in return prop up the Nazi party.

The Nazi party was simply the MOB that the Catholic Church thought would protect its banking and Vatican investments.

We REMEMBER - that back in WW l - Catholic Italy Promised to a PACT / Alliance with Germany and Austria but only in word and propaganda. IN The Triple Alliance, Italy promised to help Germany before WW 1 , when and if they went to war...

But as soon as WW 1 began Italy played the wild card to see who would win ........Doing nothing to help their enemies or to help Germany. In 1915, Italy could see that the Germans were losing. So, in order to gain some German controlled land and colonies, which would be divided at the end of the war, Italy left Germany and joined the Allied side - The Britians. Waiting to see which side would win. ...Britain began Secretly bribing Catholic Italy with promises of GETTING attacking Austria. Italy wanted the Austrian Territories / South Tyrol / Istria & Dalmatia and The" Versailles Settlement " …..

Italy 1 year after WW 1 began ~~ Seeing that Germany was not going to win......Italy took the BRIBE... But The Italians did not get what had been promised . They never received their land. Because they never actually did anything in the war to help Britain..... Catholic Italy had their greedy EYES and HEARTS set on getting that LAND....they wanted to STEAL from their neighbors with PREMEDITATED violence and bloodshed but Italy got only 10 miles into Austria.....and were wiped of the map and pushed back into the sea

In WW 1 Italy supported Germany All the way up till the first shots were fired, Then just stood around waiting to watch the body count, then decided which side they would get land from...

This is eXactly what The Pius Family did putting complete Church and Political support into the hands of the MOB in Germany, which directly led to WW 2 and a frenzy of Jew hating Roman Catholics who thought that eXterminating the Jewish race would bring them closer to their evil false god. The Mobs Of The World From The Pits Of Hell.

I still do not believe that removing the baby Adolf Hitler from Germany would have changed a single thing.

The Vatican wanted a unified manipulated or manipulating political German leader that would promote the Catholic Hierarchy to the top of the list in the society and give the Church an edge in the German government and finances. This is all that this Church was all about. nothing more.

The Catholic Centre Party was the second-largest political party in the Reichstag. However, in 1933, the Catholic Centre Party was given the go-ahead to vote for Adolf Hitler.

The Catholic Church declared that the Nazi Party was the only legally permitted party in the country. The entire Catholic Community place a Jew-hating, a convicted terrorist who had been given a four-year prison sentenced for violently trying to overthrow the German government, - into complete power.

While in Prison, Hitler wrote a whole book glorifying His Catholic Church and condemning and damning and cursing all Jews as deserving of death, extermination and removal from Catholic and German society.

The Church knew about His book and exactly who He was. But after being released from prison - He managed to win and obtain all of the power that the Catholic Church demanded for itself. Who Hitler was - had no bearing or matter of consequence for the Catholic Church - He " Hitler " had the power, the organized crime, the gangland, gangbangers and the support of the of German mob. The Catholic Church felt around in the darkness and felt the cold hand of disorder disarray discombobulation and confusion reaching out to her from the darkness and she placed the Key to the Church directly into her evil hands of her own free will.

She literally glued the Key to the Church to Hitler's hand and said lead the way, My Lord. Lord Hitler did not hide His hate and violence against Jews. He wrote a thick book and it was distributed widely. It was just really not something that caused Roman Catholics to be worried about.

Many Other Protestant German religions, simply followed the ex-Catholic Priest Martin Luther who was trained from His Catholic childhood to disdain and absolutely hate and destroy the Jews - the times had not changed for Martin Luther - too bad for the other smaller minority Churches such as the Jehovah Witnesses who mostly were the only few minorities Churches toP U B L I C L Y object to Hitler - because if the Pope would not publicly object and if the Pope had not commanded that Bishops and Priests were to place their hands on the Gospels and swear upon the Gospels and to God - complete loyalty to the Nazi Party, the other churches could at least have a chance to witness to Roman Catholics and convince them to not vote for their new form of god / Satan / Hitler.

They actually believed with all of their hearts - that Hitler was Gods man on the scene to work mighty works on behalf of their holy, sacred church.. Sadly they were never taught by the Pope that people like Hitler who hate Jews and want to hurt them and destroy them, usually end up being brought down to defeat in the end. Catholics still today, do not believe in this BIblical principle. They have no faith in Gods end times plan for the Jews in Israel. Catholics demand that they alone are the New Jerusalem. And that Jews are heretics, cursed and damned unless they convert.

The times have not changed. The war was won by the USA and the Italians and Germans were forbidden to rebuild their military and today the times are the same - The USA still has military bases in Germany and Italy because the poor people can not protect themselves from other Adolf Hitlers who would just happen to come along and reach their hand out again - in the black pitch black aphotic, cold, dark world of the Catholic and Protestant religion.

The Italian Government sent Sadam Heusen - technology and scientists for building a nuclear bomb in the 1980's. The USA realizing that the times had not changed - secretly cooperated with Israel, who Israel, then- sent Israeli bombers over to Iraq and while unintentionally killing a Catholic Italian Scientist on a Sunday afternoon they destroyed Sadam Heusen's nuclear power plant. Italy did not have the " TIMES HAVE CHANGED " attitude and apologize to anyone for helping Sadam Heusen build nuclear weapons. Italy did not feel a shift in the wind and vow to never allow such a terrorist, demented Jew Hating psychopath who, like Adolf Hitler, supports the extermination of the Jewish never again receive the full support of their Catholic Italian Governmental support to build an extermination device or force to wipe out all that they seem fit to exterminate. THEY DO NOT CARE...............

Israel begged and pleaded for years to the Italian Catholics to please, please stop. Stop providing data and scientists to Sadam Heusen to help Him build His nuclear power plant.

THE TIMES HAVE NOT CHANGED. The Catholic Church sat on their hands and protected thousands of child molesters for decades and created Catholic Cannon Laws to protect every element of the pedophile world in the Catholic Church. After countless billions of dollars being seized from Roman Catholics here in the USA to pay for the settlements, we are to believe that the times have changed.

Adolf Hitler was baptized, schooled, trained and raised a Roman Catholic. - There were Millions of Catholics just like Adolf Hitler in Germany. The Catholic Church and the Vatican would simply find another politician to attach itself to and wait for the opportunity to take control, power and dominate in any way possible.


And harming Jews has never been a problem for Roman Catholics throughout history - The Italian Government _ historically - has butchered Millions and Millions of Jews and their allies.

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Yes, I most certainly would have without remorse or conscience.


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Honestly, no. I wouldn't have the heart to kill a child, even one that would grow to be as murderous as the monster we knew as Adolf Hitler. Also, as many others stated before, if he had died, the jet would have never been invented. Surprisingly enough both the United States and the Allied Forces grew a lot throughout WWII and are better off that way.

Dermot(5796) Disputed
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So you wouldn’t have the heart to kill one baby to save millions ?

Interesting .

I guess the jet is more important that several million lives , why would the jet have never been invented ?

Antrim(1297) Clarified
3 points

Hi Dermot, The jet engine wasn't invented exclusively by the Germans.

Frank Whittle is credited with single-handedly inventing the first turbojet engine.

Thought it was worth mentioning.

2 points

England was just behind Germany in building the jet, it was off the drawing board and being constructed.

2 points

What is your thing with killing babies?

Dermot, I don't think you understand, but tragedies have to happen*, otherwise, we don't learn from our mistakes.

arden(15) Disputed
1 point

Hitler's birth and life was significant to history. His intentions were horrible and terrifying, but that's not the point. Because of the time he spent on this earth he changed it for both the better and worse.

And by better, as I mentioned in my previous argument, I meant that his power forced the allied forces to build up their strength and produce better weapons. They also were able to break down the Nazis, obviously, and win the war. The US among France, Britain, and the other members of the Allies proved to the world that dictatorship can get out of hand and that we mustn't ever let such a horrific mass murder ever occur again.

As for worse, obviously, Hitler killed millions of people. He brought terror into the lives of innocent children and adults.

Of course I mourn the people he murdered. I wouldn't spare him so that millions of others could die. That, I wasn't meaning to imply. Yet, if he had not been born and committed the crimes he did, it's possible that even more children would still being abused today in the same evil ways he enforced, and it would be legal, most likely.

Because of this event, though, we have something to look back to and label as wrong. Perhaps if it had not occurred we would still be allowing it to happen, as stated before.

Oh, and--the jet would be probably invented at some point. That was a poor choice of words on my part. Yet society would most likely be set back a bit to date if the events hadn't occurred in such an order.

Hitler did what he did because he wanted to save his country. This is not an excuse for what he did, but what would you have done? Your country just got fucked over.

You wouldn’t scapegoat others?


Rusticus(1986) Disputed
2 points

Shouldn't you be in school?

Is that the problem with you, no school?

1 point

I retort and comment during free periods. Also, my school gets out at 2:00

TheDarkLord(62) Disputed
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Shut up you neo nazi halfwit idiot. How in the flying wank noodles was Hitler's genocidal insanity necessitated by the conditions of the time? Murdering people didn't help germany at all, in fact the holocaust was a big fat waste of resources and solved absolutely nothing.

1 point

How in the world am I a Neo Nazi? If you dont know, Hitler killed the Jews because he blamed them for the downfall of Germany. This ethnic cleansing was so that Germans could return, rebuild, and fuel Germany’s army to take over the world.

Maybe read the book Maus.

-1 points

ROFLOL, we have had the legal holocaust of abortion for many decades now, and you are talking about killing Hitler as a Baby? WHY?

He is but a school boy when it comes to the systematic holocaust of innocent babies.

Your debate should be entitled going back and killing Liberals who pushed Roe V Wade.

Dermot(5796) Disputed
2 points

legal holocaust of abortion

So says the Christian tyrant who feels it’s his right to tell a woman what she may or may not do with her body

2 points

It is not her body. It takes nutrients and contains versions of her DNA. But it is not her body.

FromWithin(8239) Disputed
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Like I said, you support the holocaust of our most innocent lives. HYPOCRITE!