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 If you could make one body part of yours perfect tomorrow, what would it be? (8)

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If you could make one body part of yours perfect tomorrow, what would it be?

No plastic surgery, hypothetical magic
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My stomach. I've been able to get the rest of my body into great shape that I am happy with, but no matter what I do, my stupid stomach manages to retain a layer of jiggly fat that hides my 6-pack... Damn you belly fat!
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I agree, Heath's belly looks like its full of jelly.
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I feel the same way -- I am perfectly content with the rest of my body, but no matter how much time I spend in the gym, I never am fully satisfied with my middle. Maybe it's because I'm not willing to give up Miller Lite (the best beer EVER) ... :-)
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Since we're talking magic, the options are limitless. I can't decide which would be better though:
nipples that excrete gold?
a dong with the control of an elephant trunk?
a hand with built-in iPhone functionality?
eyes capable of zooming, panning & X-ray mode?
an edible butt cheek that tastes like turkey and automatically regenerates?
smokable, THC-laden pubic hair?
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X ray eye mode would be sweet! I'd want mine to have zoom and record mode... so I could catch bad guys, sure.
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My nose. I have a huge honker. It kind of looks like the tip is melting too. A big turnoff.

My a hole. I mean, if my a hole was perfect, it wouldn't fart. Especially in a crowded elevator or as i walk down the hall way surrounded by cubicles at work. It's just not right. Maybe if it wasn't so tight it wouldn't make that high pitched noise every time I try to hold it in.

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My brain. Although it is close to perfect, a bit of improvement couldn't hurt.