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Gay Marriage Abortion
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If you had 2 pick 1 right for the country and let the other one go, which would

If you had absolute power to pick only one right for the whole country to follow, in the battle of the most virtous, which would you pick?

Which is more important to you?

Gay Marriage

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There are at least valid arguments against abortion. There are none against gay marriage.

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Ledfoot(135) Disputed
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None huh? You mean there is no arguments saying that its wrong for gays to marry? Because I would say there is.

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I guess in the spirit of Obama change I would choose gay marriage over abortion.

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This one. Because I think the right for anyone to marry is more valuable to the integrity and respect of this country. With abortion, people will learn to adapt if it was completely illegal. I may be for abortion, but if it was illegal, fine, end of story.

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As much as I'd love to say abortion, Gay Marriage doesn't involve death, so Gay Marriage is a bit easier to handle, I think.

But honestly, this is a hard one.

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Gay marriage doesn't hurt anybody and it doesn't destroy life, whether you consider it human or not. So, I'd MUCH rather force every state to adopt gay marriage than force every state to go against my beliefs and mandate abortion rights. :)

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When abortion is illegal the same number of women still get abortions,

but they do it in unsanitary locations, often by unqualified people,

and it's bloodier, crueler, and the women often die.

Meanwhile, while clear discrimination, no one is dying for want of a marriage license.

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