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 If you had a $1,000,000. (13)

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If you had a $1,000,000.

If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it? 

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Buy a million lottery tickets.

Sound investment.

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Pay for my education... give the rest to some relevant research group. .

Pay off the house.

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Id buy 1 tank of gas (can you believe gas prices these days?)id gamble

Id buy 1000000 things from dollor tree. Or id buy 1 million dollors worth of candy. Or id have sex with 10,000 hookers for $100

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First i would convert it to £622374.36, then i would give 1/4 to various people who needed some, divide the rest among my family (1/4 each including me), i would spend my share upgrading my PC and maybe minor house expansions

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Get my wife and myself back into college, pay off our medical bills, have children, buy houses for immediate families.

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I would give 50% away, pay off some bills, buy a few nice things, and bank the rest.

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A million $, not really that much...

Now if I had £million :)

Probably pay for university and start some kind of charity.

SovietSpy(709) Clarified
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Hey you know that is only 1.25 million dollars if it was in Euros

Bring my checking account to zero .

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I would put it into a Swiss Bank account and invest in shady business deals

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Get my family out of debt, get myself through college... then donate a bunch to charity.. leaving a little aside for emergencies.

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I would send myself to Mexico for a year to really get good at Mexican Spanish, and send my mother to Tuscany for a year for whatever she wanted.

I would open up my own ice cream factory and make the best tasting ice cream in the world.