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 If you had a time machine and you could go anywhere where would you go? (33)

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If you had a time machine and you could go anywhere where would you go?

Who would you visit?

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I'd go back to stop Hitler. Then when I returned to the present day, I'd find that I'd created an alternate reality that's much worse than what we have now, and I'd spend the rest of my life trying to fix it.

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But if you go back in time just to kill Hitler and succeed then you would then have no reason to back in time in the first place if Hitler never had the chance to do his crimes. that's time travel for ya.

Buddhist(318) Disputed
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Time is an eternal cycle, not aline my dear friend.

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I would go back to the dinosaur age to see what color they were.

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That is what I was going to say! :D


With natural selection, and modern lizards to go off of, I would say greenish like the landscape, but then again, people are odd colored an we don't match our environment, so I'd love to know know as well.

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Without consequence? As far back as I can to discover if their is a true origin, and if so how does this origin come into existence? Where the existence of existence itself came to be, or where time came from if observable through such a method. That or go as far forward in time as I can to see if time does end, or if existence of itself ever cease to exist.

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10012 ...just to check out how are we doing... .

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Probably would go back in time to see how the Pyramids where made.

I would go to Troia, or Troy however you call it, to kill that bastard Achillies before he murders poor Hector

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But if you go back in time just to kill Achilles and succeed then you would have no reason to go back in time in the first place if Achilles never killed Hector. Thats time travel for ya.

Well anyway, he would probablly kill me ;)


Quocalimar(6470) Disputed
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Ah! No causalities! They complicate things!!!

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Many places, but most of all, I would like to go back to hunter gatherer times, and live there a little while. I would take a little modern equipment with me, but would not have to face any modern worries, without people judging me thinking " Ooh, look he's squatting in the mud, how disgusting" or "I can't believe you killed that rabbit" whilst hunting e.t.c. Would be so nice to do that. You still can in a few places in the world, where I got my inspiration from, Greenland, being one. Obviously, would like to go back and give Jesus a piece of my mind! Have a chat with Hitler, be on Ludwig van Beethoven's bedside as he dies, a momentum in history, and a few other people I like. And maybe if I didn't give a shit about the future, make a note of all the Rolling Stones songs, go back in time to when they first formed the band and sell them their own songs as though I made them. Could make a hefty profit.

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A chat with Hitler in his bunker, and a nice little translator earpiece from sometime in the future, just thought I'd add.

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I would go to the end of the world and die an epic death indeed. :)

I'd go back in time to see a happy moment of my youth again.

I wouldn't change anything though, or else the effects could be dire.

I'd go back and kick Pontius Pilate's butt for not have any balls .

Go back in time to some significant event in history, nuke the Shit out of it, see what happens... XD

Go back in time, nuke myself right before I use the time machine... See what happens.

Go back in time, prevent my parents from meeting... Then kill them. See what happens...

Sitara(11089) Clarified
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You sound depressed like me. :'(

AveSatanas(4426) Clarified
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The best antidepressant is physical activity. FACT. Im not saying you physically need it because ive never seen you so dont get that idea. But i guarantee 100% that you will feel better JUST but taking a walk/jog for 10-20 minutes a day minimum. And the more you do, the better it feels.

zephyr20x6(2386) Clarified
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I'm sorry for what I said about you earlier, I've realized it wasn't very respectful and was kind of mean.

Go back in time... Find the meteore that killed the dinosaurs, prevent it. See what happens. Universe schmuniverse let's Fuck it much as we can and see what happens ;)

I would remain in the United States but I would pull the handle forward to advance 100 years into the future.

When I was in 7th grade my class went on a field trip to the zoo. There was an ice cream stand there and everyone got an ice cream cone. As I was eating mine I noticed some of my classmates were pushing and shoving each other. I told them to go horse around somewhere else because I didn't want to spill my ice cream. Just then one of my friends was pushed into me and needless to say my ice cream ended up on the ground. Unfortunately I didn't have enough money on me to buy another one. In a state of shock and rage, I just had to watch my ice cream slowly melt away. So if I had a time machine I would go back and buy myself another ice cream cone.

I_will_win(25) Disputed
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Lol instead of doing that shouldn't you just avoid the situation and move away as you would know that your friend was going to be pushed onto you it would save u money even though an ice cream isn't much.

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I couldn't actually move out of the way because when I travel back in time I wouldn't turn into my 7th grade self. Both the present me and the past me would be there so I would just give him the money.

I would go back to high school and startover. i would use what I know now to invest correctly and become rich.

I might also go back to 1930s and convince Hitler that Muslims just as bad as Jews.

No one has mentioned God yet ? What a surprise .

SlapShot(2607) Clarified
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Maybe because we have a smart group here online right now who know he never existed?

That would be a refreshing change from listening to the zealots blabber on about Hebrew Mythos.


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As a biologist....well hell, even as a little kid, I was a huge dinosaur nut.

Those beasts as you see in movies like Jurassic Park were real, people! They actually roamed and ruled this planet for tens of millions of years.

Which is far longer than us homo sapiens...who are actually bipedal hominid freaks...ever will.

Look..if not for the asteroid strke down on the Yucatan some 65 MYA, they would still rule. That is, some species of reptile.

Look again! When that asteroid hit? We were little tree dwellng critters. Closer to squirrels than apes. Look it up if you doubt.

So..yeah..I would want to go back and see the Dino's. Maybe for a few days before the asteroid strike. And then hang around for a couple weeks and see what sort of havoc that asteroid caused.

Watch the firestorms!

The sun being blotted out.

The fires of Hell come to Earth!

And then of course be zapped back to the present before the explosions kill me.

Yep!! I wanna see the Dinos! Raptors and T Rex and stegosaurus and triceratops and diplodocous and those pterodactyls.

I find homo sapiens very boring in comparison.

This is a great question!