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 If you had the opportunity, what bill would you present to Congress? (4)

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If you had the opportunity, what bill would you present to Congress?

Seniors in my high school, such as myself, each need to write a bill to propose to a mock congress of our peers. I originally planned to write my bill suggesting limiting the use of mobile telephones because of their possible threat to already vanishing bee colonies, but that theory seems to have been refuted by many sources. Any other ideas you could throw my way?

(Pro-choice is overdone, legalizing prostitution has been done. I was considering a pro-veganism type thing, by suggesting a gradual elimination of animal agriculture, but I don't know how to carry that out.)

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If you wanted to do something that would help promote vegetarianism you could suggest a bill that alters the current Farm Bill in the USA. This bill heavily subsidizes corn and other products commonly fed to livestock. livestock is cheaper to produce partly because the livestock can be fed so cheaply as well as from other government subsidies. If The Farm bill instead subsidized healthier foods, then fruits and vegetables could become cheaper. Meat, without government subsidies, would become more expensive and potentially less popular. This could help encourage vegetarianism and help to reduce the environmental damage caused by meat and corn production.

OK, here's my sugestion ("Oh God!" I hear you say ;).

I heard a statement today that America was at the height of its power when people owned their own farms and basically took care of themselves. The rest of the world looked up to us because we did not have a large government telling us what to do and forcing us into situations we were not comfortable with. Other countries had large, corrupt, governments and the citizens had little rights.

Instead of large corporations like Walmart and animal farms (instead of free range), we had mom and pop stores. People were in control of their destinies.

But on the other hand they didn't have TVs, iPods, game consoles, iPhones, cars, breast implants, Viagra e-mail spam, youtube, google, facebook, tweeter, etc.

hmmm, forget I said anything ;)

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What Bill would I present to congress? Easy:

Bill of Rescindment of all Improper Authority.

As defined in the US Constitution, "All legislative powers ... shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and a House of Representatives."

Hereby henceforth and forever, shall all extra-constitutional bodies, consisting of regulatory agencies, departments, bureaus, and private entities, created by the Congress of the Unites States, past, present, and future, having legislative, executive, or judicial powers delegated to them from the Congress of the United States through law, which powers had been specifically vested only in bodies as defined by the Constitution of the United States, and which power to delegate such legislative, judicial, or executive authority has never been authorized to the Congress of the United States, nor any body of the Government of the United States, by the Peoples of the Several States through the Constitution, shall be completely defunded, and immediately abolished, and all regulations and statues which have been created by such bodies shall be declared Null and Void, having no force of law.

All members of Congress found to have voted the creation of these illegal and unconstitutional bodies, or seeking to create new ones, shall be impeached for Breach of the Public Trust, and upon conviction, shall be for publicly labeled as a "Criminal and Usurper" and deprived of all privileges which they may have acquired through their Status as member of Congress, and shall be forever barred from holding any public office, emolument, or office of privilege in the Government of the United States, or in any of the Several States.

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Why? Because the Constitution never granted Congress the Authority to delegate it's legislative power, nor has it ever held judicial or executive powers to delegate to such agencies. The act of doing so is unconstitutional, and thereby illegal, and legally unenforceable, and thus those who do so are nothing more than criminals.

The Lizzie Act:

This would create a sphere of peaceful influence around the world. This would switch most environmentally dangerous things like plastic and coal with hemp and create more products from it. This would allow more free speech and affordable food, cars, livable things necessary for survival, etc. Something. I would try to establish world peace. That may mot happen but force will not be used when doing so.