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 If you had to choose a religion to follow what would it be? (19)

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If you had to choose a religion to follow what would it be?

I'm rather curious to see what religions people favor over others. I would normally stick with my religion, but for the purpose of the debate I will select anotber one. If you don't adhere to any religions feel free to select any of them, but for those who do have a religion select a religion that is different from the one you currently adhere to.

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hmm probably Shintoism. I always found the religion quite fascinating and its mythology is amazing.

I'd have to say Hinduism. I've always been fascinated by pantheon's withe extensive mythology, and Hinduism is a long established pantheon with a heavy philosophical background that I find fascinating.

I was considering picking Hinduism as my religion of choice for this debate, but I'm stuck between Hinduism and Buddhism. Hinduism is quite fascinating indeed. Excellent choice.

I was thinking about Buddhism, but I have difficulty considering it a religion in the same sense as Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, etc.

Ooooohhh, actually, maybe Shintoism. I know only like 5 million or so people actually follow it anymore, but it still sounds like it would lead to an incredibly interesting view of life.

I'm in Christianity, and I'm good with that, but if i wasn't, probably Buddhism

Buddhism. One of the few religions which isn't a load of bollocks.

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I go with Christianity. We believe that Jesus will come to the world soon.

Like if you are a Christian too

GenericName(3430) Clarified
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You missed the point of the article. You are supposed to pick a religion other than yours. It's a thought exercise.

Jungelson(3954) Disputed
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How about- Eat shit if you think I'm going to be your "ally" buddy ;)

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Christianity because you don't have to pray as often as Muslims! Muslims have to give money to Charity and Christians can do it if they want to! Everyone would still have to pray sometimes. I had this subject at school before and it's fun

limeybfriend(3) Disputed
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I am in Humanism!!!!! That is better! Sorry CatLover! That means no religion!

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Atheism .

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That is Not a religion because there are 5 religions! I am so sorry!

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What? 5 religions? What are you talking about?


There is only one true god, and that god is Allah.

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I wouldn't choose a religion. It should be noted I am not an atheist. I just... don't see a point in religion in and of itself. Though to be fair I have certain spiritual beliefs and I could probably fit nicely into a few of them.

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Hmm I'm a Christian and all other religions are nonsense.

So the only other I'd consider is Judaism.

Because if I only had an old Testament, I still could find the Way. Because the Old Testament is Truth and points to the same Way.

Judyism ;)