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 If you're a man should you be allowed to have an opinion??? (18)

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If you're a man should you be allowed to have an opinion???

Well, men are just really annoying and egotistical and i want to know if anyone else gets tired of their chest puffing bullshit
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4 points

Of course a man should have an opinion and his wife’s opinion should not contradict his on any given matter as the man is obviously always right , it was “ nice “ of you to post up this topic but you really should leave such serious topics like debate to men as it’s not a woman’s place to hold forth on such

Maybe you should take up a hobby like knitting , needle craft or cooking all very pleasant pastimes for a woman

BooBooKitty(24) Disputed
1 point

You're absolutely right! It was so "nice" (notice there's no space between the quotations as a man you should know this but ill give you a pass as its probably hard to see from underneath your fedora.) of you to write out such an insightful and groundbreaking response. Tell me though was it hard to type such a long paragraph while you were beating your wife?

Dermot(5796) Disputed
3 points

Wow , another female punctuation Nazi , oh my god 🙀I left a space between the quotations 🙀🙀 how terrible 🤪

I note you say ....... but ill ??? So tell me are you Ill is that what you’re trying to say ?

I don’t beat my wife as she knows her place unlike you who possibly because you’re a lesbian feminist have forgotten yours ; know your place woman

hope123(2) Disputed
1 point

What is wrong with you? Not a woman's place? You are a disgusting human being, and an addition to everything wrong with this world.

Dermot(5796) Disputed
2 points

You speak rather freely , you ought to remain silent and go about your housework in respectful silence whilst appreciating that you would be lost without the wise guidance of men

InfoHQ(3) Disputed
1 point

Wow. Just wow. You are what we call a trash human being. All people, no matter their gender, race, ethnicity, or whatever have the same right to have their own opinion. It’s what makes the world go around. So man or woman, they both should be entitled to the right of opinion. I guess even you, unfortunately.

Dermot(5796) Disputed
2 points

Incorrect , you have merely given your opinion , you presume to know the views of “ we “ as in an appeal to the masses which holds little or no weight , I care not what sheeple think

All people do not have the same right to an opinion as obviously a woman by her lower societal rank has not earned that right , a woman is better suited to agreeable tasks as in the cleaning of the marital home and the preparation of a worthy repast for a man returning from a days hard toil , most women are idling away precious time gossiping and comparing lipstick colours and indulging in frivolities , their collective opinions are childish but quaintly amusing in a peculiar way

1 point

Everyone is entitled to have an opinion, even idiots. Heck, we even elect people to President like that.

outlaw60(15500) Disputed
1 point

Opinions don't translate into votes but what is highly noticeable is the American Progressives such as you are show disdain for the Right to Vote something your party is compassionate about yet oppose. Confusion is your world !

1 point

Well, yeah. A man should have an opinion just as much as a woman should have an opinion.

1 point

Just as a woman has the right to have an opinion, men have the same equal right.

Dermot(5796) Disputed
2 points

When I want a woman’s opinion .....I give it to her ......................

1 point

A penny for your thoughts if you keep your thoughts to yourself