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Science says DO IT Politics says DON'T do it
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If you're vaccinated or if you're not, can you articulate why?


Whether you did or didn't, was it a political statement, or a health statement?


Science says DO IT

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Politics says DON'T do it

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I only did it because I was sitting at home with nothing better to do and I was bored. Then, when I was supposed to get my second shot, I didn't get it because I was doing something that was far more entertaining ;)

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I didn’t because of the mass amount of people that have had health complications towards the vaccine, and I don’t want to be one of those people who end up having health problems due to a vaccine. I also got COVID in the beginning of this year, so there really isn’t a point to getting it, if I already had it to begin with and have my body’s natural immunity to fight it off, and I haven’t gotten sick since then with any COVID symptoms.

I think if you’re vaccinated you shouldn’t worry about those who isn’t vaccinated because you’re protected, so why does it matter if there are people who don’t have the vaccine? Let people live their life instead of forcing people to take the vaccine. I will never take it.

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I got mine because of too many unknowns with this virus. If you survived it, there could be many long-term complications afterward. I didn't what to chance it.

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