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If you refuse the vaccine, should your insurance company refuse treatment if you get Covid

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Making a quick, superficial judgment I'd say yes.

You refused to take the medically recommended preventative measure which is proven to offer you and those around you a high level of protection from contracting covid-19.

So Mr., independent smart Alec, you're on your own.

Go crawl into a corner in a sealed room and die quietly.

Most of those who refuse to be vaccinated on the grounds that they ''don't want to be injected with a foreign substance which may harm them'' have more than likely been been inoculated against other diseases such as polio, tuberculosis, mumps etc and will have voluntarily introduced other forms of potentially harmful materials into their bodies including nicotine, recreational drugs including intoxicating liquor (toxic, as in poison) and so forth.

THEN we must consider the human rights issue which dictates each individual has the right to decide what is and is not allowed to be introduced into his/her body.

BUT we must also accept that we are at war with covid-19 and in war situations drastic measures must be taken to maximize our chances of defeating the enemy.

The rights of the individual must therefore be temporarily suspended until this deadly plague is either eliminated or brought under the greatest degree of control possible.

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My first, gut reaction, is yes. People who can get the vaccine but don't, are idiots and deserve some form of comeuppance especially since they put other people's lives as risk.

BUT, when I ponder that more.... should the insurance company refuse treatment if someone smokes? Drinks? Lives a life that involves risk? If you're paying into insurance, should they have the final word on how you choose to live your life?

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If you refuse the vaccine, should your insurance company refuse treatment if you get Covid

Hello ex:

Ever hear the phrase, the freedom to swing your arm, ENDS at the tip of my nose?? I spose not.. It's a legal concept on which our 1st Amendment rights are based. It's not really difficult to understand, either.. You have a right to swing your arm, and my nose has a right to be in the way.. So, when those rights CLASH, as my nose and your fist did, the courts have decided that you DON'T have a 1st Amendment right to SWING your arm willy nilly IF my nose is in the way, because my nose has rights too.

In other words, you do NOT have the right to shout fire in a crowded theater. Just as you do NOT have the right to shed COVID in my face..