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Yes. Knowledge hurts no one Keep ideology out of the class
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If you saw video of a teacher teaching Christianity in class would you be okay with it?

Yes. Knowledge hurts no one

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Keep ideology out of the class

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If you saw video of a teacher teaching Christianity in class would you be okay with it?

Hello n:

It's a question worthy of debate.. However, you're already LYING about my position, so what's the point?


Side: Yes. Knowledge hurts no one
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We should video tape them Con. What does it hurt to video tape them if they are doing nothing wrong, eh Con? Oh baby. The left uses this line of logic often. What do you say Con? Video tape them, am I right?

Side: Keep ideology out of the class
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It is no problem to teach about right vs wrong, about how life began and how we were created etc etc. Anyone who speaks against me will be ignored because their arguments will be automatically invalidated. There are two types of sciences, creationism vs evolution. Creationism makes sense. Evolution was always a theory. Christianity is linked directly with sciences and history of all humanity.

False claims that religion brainwashes people? That is wrong because ask yourselves, who are the real brainwashers out there? The homosexuals and the sexually immoral who want kids to learn about uncontrollable sex, losing yourself in drugs amongst other things while ignoring the consequences of aids/hiv and other sexual stimulated diseases. Christianity brings logical common sense and for those of you who don't believe that and hate on it, you are truthphobes, Chrstophobes, truthphobes and hypocrites. The only religion that's an issue is one sect they teach in Islam; which goes towards violence. Another is the Roman Catholics who teach about praying to statues and crusading around. Real Christians don't go dressed around in crusading armor and killing people. The Crusades are part of history is it not? Whether you like it or not, it will be taught and some students seem to enjoy that lesson anyway. But in no way is it encouraging students to commit violence, it is teaching about why the crusades happened and ofc the reasons why people thought it was right or wrong. The pope claimed it was becuz Islam presented a threat to Christendom. While that was somewhat true, the pope still wanted to declare war. That is not what Jesus taught. Jesus taught about loving your neighbors and your enemies, and about healing and living together peacefully.

Side: Yes. Knowledge hurts no one
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Religious education or the teaching of political ideologies have no place in a school's curriculum.

Brainwashing young children with the mumbo-jumbo of religion, any religion should be outlawed.

Teach our children about the constitution and let them learn about, research and judge the merits of the various religious creeds themselves as their powers of reasoning develops and matures.

Side: Keep ideology out of the class

I would not have a problem as long as they taught other religions as well. But I am totally against brainwashing young minds.

Side: Keep ideology out of the class