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If you support legal but not illegal immigration, are you anti immigrant?

No that's stupid

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Yes because reasons

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No. That's stupid. You're just "anti-illegal" ;-)

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If you support legal but not illegal immigration, are you anti immigrant?

Hello Ench:

Look.. Laws against murder are good. Laws against stealing are good. But, laws against people seeking a better life for themselves, because they don't have the right "papers", aren't good at all.. Those laws are kinda, uhhh, kinda, what's the word - NAZI-LIKE.


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DrChamberlin(98) Clarified
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It's good to see that you support things like the child sex trade.

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Well the prospect on it's face alone does not denote being anti immigrant, it just means that you most likely value the upholding up this law's standard use. It just means that you want whoever comes into the country, to do so by the standards set forward by our government, as our right in being a sovereign country.


Many people sought that same measure over the last decade. Though it would not be incorrect to suspect a small minority of people who actually were anti-immigrant. Such deviation from the norm is typically normal despite being such a small number.

It was interesting to see that many of the people who were so vocal about this issue, were in fact immigrants themselves. Though you'll find a lack of their representation in regional/national media on this issue, for obvious reasons.

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I believe that if you disapprove of illegal immigration than that’s fine as long as they’re for the right reasons like less crime and such... however if you disapprove just because some people try to better their lives, flee misery and poverty from their countries, then it’s kinda like xenophobia at that point.

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DrChamberlin(98) Disputed
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So, every country that requires you to enter through a legal point of entry is kinda xenophobic?

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