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If you think all Muslims are terrorists or that gun control is a good thing with our corru

I made another debate about this:

For this reason, if you fit a perfect description of Democrat or republican you are just an idiot and a hypocrite. End of story.


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Not all Muslims are terrorists. Some are illiterate and others don"'t take the Quran seriously. As for the other 1 billion. That's where it gets a real dark shade of grey. When taqiya is a part of an ideology, I just assume the worst until proven otherwise.

The OP ranks right up there with

"Not all of Nazi Germany was evil and dangerous". Technically true, but Nazism was still dangerous. Ya dig?

Are all the people in the "bad part of town" dangerous or evil? No. But we don't see libs taking strolls through there either...

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A few Muslims are terrorists obviously and most terrorists are Muslim, but not the other way around. I agree.

I just think extreme far left or far right are both idiotic. The left is obsessed with gun control and with our corrupt government fuck that.

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So what would you make of me?

Abortion? No opinion.

Gay marriage? No opinion

Second Amedndment? For it.

Trust the government? Not a chance in hell.

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