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If you were...

a hotdog, and you were starving, would you eat yourself? :) (2:09-2:50)



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I'd smother myself in hot spicy mustard first.

But that's beside the point. Which is...

Is there anything more beautiful than a beautiful, beautiful flamingo flying across in front of a beautiful sunset? And he's carrying a beautiful rose in his beak. And also he's carrying a beautiful painting with his feet. And also, you're drunk.

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I would certainly eat myself, as hot dogs are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO nice!

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Yeah... Yummy!!! hotdogs are nice!!! I would rather eat myself than to die... if only I have a mouth... haha!!!

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HEY! Ah, those Harry Caray's always crack me up every time I see them. Tough question to be honest. I would have to eat myself if I was starving and there wasn't anything else to eat around.

-----;=related What's your favorite planet? Mines the sun. Always has been. I like it cause its like the king of planets. /It's a simple question doctor. Would you eat the moon if it were made of ribs? :)

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I may lick myself though... at least until I.... Hey, how about those Cubs :)

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hahah, no, ouch.....................................................

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Would rather starve to death then to "SUICIDE". Yep. in a way, I'm killing myself. Anyway if your starving you don't eat yourself

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