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If you were the Christian God, and Jesus were your flesh and blood, would you...

Would you put your own flesh and blood through the suffering and agony that Jesus went through both socially in his community and physically on the cross?

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Fuck God. that is what I think. I am like "really Asshole, can I at least have a fucking break"?

Lynaldea(1231) Clarified
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If you've got questions about your life I guarantee you people online will not be able to answer your questions.

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Atrag(5544) Disputed
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There are being that are currently going through a lot worse than you and still keep their faith. Have you considered that you probably didn't have true faith in the first place?

Sitara(11089) Disputed
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Even Jesus had questions. He was like "my God, my God, why have you forsaken me".

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If I was the Christian God? Yes I would...because that's what the Christian God is about.

Causing very bad things to happen, but it's for the greater good of humanity...

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I see you don't have kids. ;)

PookaWooka(173) Disputed
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Where do you see that?

A fetus is like a glass in a box. Once you open the box, and take the glass out, you get your grubby finger prints all over the brand new glass.

You can't have kids and avoid getting your finger prints all over them. Some kids are more resistant to finger prints than others but in the end, they all end up smudged.

At some point in your life, your kid will feel hurt by your words and actions. Only people who do not have children think differently ;)