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If your mom told you to do something that you didnt want to do?


What will you say

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What will you tell her

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Well if my mom asked me now to do something, I would probably laugh and say "your kidding right"?

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I'd damn sure do what my mom would tell me, especially since she's been dead for years.

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ooo creepy I think I would do it too. I just laugh when my mom tries to tell me to do something or she is going to hit me. She is totally playing but I laugh and still don't do it. (i'm the black sheep anyway)

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As an adult I would just say "Yeah, I'll get right on that" and then not do it. As a child I would usually do it, unless it was something I was dead set against, then I would just procrastinate until someone else did it.

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I will always have total respect for my mom. I dont care if im grown. When ever my mom tells me to do something i will do it.I will never ever disrespect my mom a day in my life. I love my mom to death. People these days are so rude and downright disrespectful to their moms. But they dont know that their mom brought them into this world and can take them out. Why the hell would you not do what your mom tells you to do. When i was little and my mom told me to do something...and if i did not do it she will smack the hell out of me. Im 20 years old now but she still will do it. But like i said i will always respect my mom and do what she says. And you should do the same.

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I'd say... Of'course mom... I'm your daughter. You tell me don't do that. N the hell I would do it. Have faith, I'll always be true. Even if it hurts me. But, I'd do it anyway!

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