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I'm buying a new laptop, what should I get?

what's the most reliable, easiest to use
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Macbook Air Video
korihill06(124) Disputed
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She wants something reasonably priced. I don't understand why my MacBook suggestion has negative votes. If she just needs a laptop for her own leisure a normal MacBook is more than sufficient. I'm also bitter that you guys are messing with my CreateDebate efficiency. Grr.
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I am writing this argument on a MacBook and half of the CD dev team uses a MacBook. Its a fine computer. A larger screen would be the biggest improvement (I wish it went all the way to the edge instead of leaving 3/4" all around).
If she needs the laptop to use on the go I think the MacBook Air would be the best.
If she is looking for internet & email then the MacBook is the best.
If she is going to do development work or heavy image/video then the MacBook Pro is the way to go.
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You need more specifics than just "i'm buying a new laptop"
I would personally go for the nice new Eee PC 900 that is set to come out. It has much double the capacity and performance as the 800 series and it's a little bit bigger of a screen. I love these UMPCs.
But if you want something with more multimedia capacity (which tends to be kind of ironic...when you consider power consumption, heat and the nixed performace due to space constraints) then you'd probably be best considering any Acer, Sony, or other nice brands.
But if you want the best quality (with a terrible price tag to match) then yes a macbook pro will be the top-of-the-line best bet.
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You make a compelling argument. UMPCs are amazing how mobile they are and easy to use, the computing world is definitely heading in this direction. However, I don't think I can in good faith ever recommend that somebody uses Windows as an OS, it is just too unreliable, insecure, and a pain in the @$$ to use.
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I typically use my current laptop to browse online, watch dvds, do standard office stuff, and occasionally run some windows games. I'd like to be able to play some of the games, maybe not with all the settings all the way up, but definitely want a shooter every once in a while.
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I'm thinking about a dell, but I haven't really done much research. I want something reasonable cost, reliable, and that won't be obsolete in two months.
KLRPILR(41) Disputed
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As a Dell owner...I suggest you buy the MacBook
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I completely agree. I own both a Mac and Dell. The Dell can't even compare. I have had nothing but problems and it is only a year and a half old.
DebateMan(471) Disputed
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Dude, you better not be getting a Dell. I used to have one before I switched to a MacBook and it was like going from driving a Pinto to driving a Bentley.
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A new MacBook Pro would be even better, if you can afford it. The wider screen is nicer for website development.
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Our developers all have the Pros, and I agree it's necessary when writing code and whatever else amazing stuff you guys do, but we folks on the product side get along fine with the plain ol' MacBooks.
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If you want to overpay for rounded corners and a non-conformist color, get a Macbook.
If you want a good deal on a capable machine, get an Inspiron.