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Immigrants change the culture of Australia

They do change the culture

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They don't change the culture

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Yes, immigrants do change the culture of Australia. They bring their food and customs with them, and most of all, they encourage racism! Look back at the previous generations, when europeans and asians came and changed everything, from religion down to food, public holidays and even the public's attitude to world events and choice of recreational activities. For example, most people in Australia are crazy about sport, infortunately. Hopefully, when more migrants come, they'll change the culture so that people care less about sport and celebrities, and give some appreciation to the arts.

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annmariya(10) Disputed
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Immigrants don't have a very big impact in Australian culture. And they don't encourage racism. When immigrants first come hey do bring certain customs and food, but after a generation that will change. The new generation will live like an Australian. And sport in Australia would not be a careless matter. Aussies love sport and they won't let it go!

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laurjohn(97) Disputed
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I think immigrants make a huge impact. Want an example? watch 'Masterchef" and you will see the contestants making pasta one night, and a stir-fry the next. Go to the city and you will see italian, chinese, indian and mexican restaurants on the same street. This does not change after a generation. European migrants have already been in Australia for a generation already, and foods like pasta, curries, noodles and hot-dogs are eaten by many people, not just those who eat it as part of their culture. I'm using food as an example, but migrants changed Australia a lot. Migrants even shaped Australia into the way it is today. Remember that, with the exception of Aborigines, all families in Australia were migrants at one point. Don't bother trying to tell me that the Aborigines played cricket. People in Australia even celebrate some cultural festivities and celebrations, even if they have absolutely nothing to do with the culture in question. I have seen people of many races celebrate the Chinese new year, as well as plenty of buskers with kilt, bagpipes and all, who aren't Scottish. Add to that Irish dancers who aren't Irish, Asian and Indian Christians, I think you get the idea...

I may have been biased in my comments about sport in my main argument, but there have been Australian customs are have been diminished as new waves of migrants come in, like being patriotic and love of meat pies.

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I've never been to Australia, but I know that here in America the immigrants change our culture in minor ways. They bring new types of food and new lifestyles. I don't think that it's bad, though, because I get to learn about other countries, somewhat.

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