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Trump LOSES America LOSES
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Impeachment: We've read the book, now it's time for the movie..


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America LOSES

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We read the book on Trump's so called Russian Collusion. Then we watched the actual movie to see it was a huge hoax perpetuated on the American people.

The Sequel is the so called Ukraine quid pro quo between Trump and their President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Zelensky already denied such a ludicrous claim, but what does it matter the testimony of the key witness?

From day one of Trump's elections, we have heard Democrats pushing impeachment against Trump merely because they don't like his Conservative politics. They want to over throw an election and defame those who voted for trump as deplorable, irredeemable, despicable.

Democrats in Obama's administration did far worse then Trump, yet Republicans did not seek out constant impeachment hearings.

Anyone who votes for these obstructionist Democrats truly fit the label "low end voters".

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