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In 2018 - couples need to specify which role they'll be playing.

For example:  Who's going to be the husband/boyfriend and who is going to be the wife/girlfriend.
They may also need to specify which gender role they'll be playing, male or female.
And they can even agree to play the same roles, or neither role.


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Wait..., what? No!!!

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It was so much easier when I was growing up ;)

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Specifying specific roles seems to be a key to clarity in the relationship in 2018 as people of today's generation understand the fact that there shouldn't be gender specific roles in a relationship, this way, they can live up to their expectations from one another and not just assume stuff which would obviously lead to conflicts.

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I disagree as there shouldn't be specific gender roles. As long as both parents love and care for their child, it doesn't matter what "role" they play.

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beastforever(558) Clarified
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I disagree as there shouldn't be specific gender roles.

Which is exactly why they need to specify what roles they will be playing.

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