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In Ohio, if challenged, girls who wanna play sports, will have to PROVE they're a girl..


What does a girl have to do to prove she is a girl?

First, disrobe.  The physician has to examine the girl’s external and internal reproductive anatomy.

Step one:

A doctor will need to spread open your labia and examine the size of your clitoris. A clitoris that is “too large” could be a sign that you are intersex and not female enough for sports.

Step two:

A doctor will then insert one or two gloved fingers inside your vagina, while pressing against your abdomen with their other hand, so they can feel your uterus and ovaries.

Step three:

Your blood will be drawn and your testosterone levels measured.

How much testosterone is too much? Unclear.

Does having “high T” give girls an advantage? No, not always. But this bill leaves no room for nuance.

Step four:

Your blood will also be tested to see if you are XX or XY.

Except not everyone is XX or XY and there are XY women who have no advantage in sports because of the nuances of their genetics, but that won’t matter here 🤷🏻‍♀️

Oh, that's wonderful

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Oh, that's sexual assault

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there are XY women who have no advantage in sports because of the nuances of their genetics

Yet the trans community just keeps on winning women's sports with "no advantage". What do you think we're stupid?

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If anything is unclear, just compete against men. It's pretty simple.

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We've identified new molecular mechanisms of sex determination. In particular we've discovered genes, such as WNT4, that's female-specific and not present in males.

-Scientific American

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There are genes involved in brain sexual differentiation, making the brain either male or female, that are active completely independently from hormones. Those are probably our two main contributions on knowing the objective sex of the subject

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The preambles in the thread reminds me of a time when I met my friend with his wife who was six months pregnant.

He asked me if I'd like to feel the baby and after I had done so she slapped my face and he punched me.

On reflection I think he meant from the outside.

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