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In my next life, I want to come back as an African man, What about you?

They are enviromentally green.
Rarely any gas operated machinery.
Their food is organic.
They are not normally fat.
I don't think they get taxed.
Not overly populated.
No rush-hour traffic.

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I'm so looking forward to being hung, being able to play basketball, being able to dance, etc. ;)

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Yeah, including not having to work for food or housing, getting all the food stamps you want, committing crimes and getting away with them, stealing cool stuff from people, and calling other people racist while doing the exact same thing.

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lol this is funny stuff man, kudos.

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Their food is organic.

What food?


I live in an incredibly diverse area. Within a ten min walking distance I have Mexican cuisine, Japanese cuisine, Indian cuisine, and Chinese, Korean, Arab, Persian, Italian, Russian, French, English, fucking Australian - you name it, we've got it - restaurants galore. But never in my life have I seen an African restaurant. Nobody wants to eat bread made of one part flour one part mud. When the focus of a culture is more on getting food period, as it often is in Africa, than working with an abundance of food you do have, as it often is elsewhere, that culture doesn't develop a very rich cuisine.

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I'd prefer to stay a woman. Actually I'd like to be a Christian woman in my next life, I've heard that they've got it easy


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You don't want to be an African woman. Their boobs are not that great ;)

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In my next life I'd like to be Irish or Scottish....purely for the accent.

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Racist shit, buddy. You can't choose where you were born. Why would there be liberals born every day in America and not Canada, Joe?

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Not me either...If you refer to the reality of karma ,then I would not want to come back to live at all...Life should be advanced and lived in new realities...Why come back to the undeveloped reality!!????

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