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 In the eyes of the US Constitution, what constitutes "speech"? (1)

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In the eyes of the US Constitution, what constitutes "speech"?

This was an issue brought up in the oral arguments of Masterpiece Cakeshop v Colorado Civil Rights Commission, and whatever your view on that case is, I thought these questions were very interesting.
1. If someone bakes a cake, but someone else serves it at a wedding, is that speech?
2. If there's a collection of cupcakes, and one is flipped over, is that the baker's speech?
3. If there's a wedding in a fancy house with a TV showing a ballerina, whose work is speech? The ballerina, the baker, the architect, the officiant? Why?
4. Which one of them isn't speech and why?
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If you understand speech as ''communication'' then speech is everything.

According to a philosopher called Luhmann, you can never not communicate. Even when we don't communicate, we comminucate. He called it non-verbal communication.

So.. according to him, all of that would be speech.

But that was just his opinion of course :D