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In the name of unity, should Biden invite Trump aboard AF 1, to attend the Queens funeral?

Uhhh, NO

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Yes.. ALL is forgiven

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In the name of unity, should Biden invite Trump aboard AF 1, to attend the Queens funeral?


ALL the former presidents are going except Trump. Should Biden invite him anyway?


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i'm pretty sure the royals banned him and anyone close to him from their entire country so inviting would kinda sorta seem like a dick move. i would totally do it, and dark brandon is picking up steam so i'm hoping he will. in this game, the side that displayed sore losership has to display groveling cause it just is getting weaker and weaker allowing this stain to taint them and we need both strong cause problems only get solved when left + right = solution.

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No, It would look bad Biden attending the Queen's funeral with two black eyes, a broken nose, a fat lip and a couple of cauliflower ears.

It would also reflect rather badly on the current administration if Trump turned up with an axe embedded in his head.

Such is the savage nature of present day politics in America.

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The queen and trump were not fans of each other, and given Trump's usual MO is to be as attention seeking as possible, it would not be unexpected for him to cause a scene while there. Plus, if he really wanted to, I am sure he could pay his own ticket. But who knows, maybe he can't leave town with the ongoing criminal investigation.

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Biden is not the King so by all means, it should be up to the members of the British Royal Family. Besides, I don't remember Trump speaking ill of the British government and people, so why not? Trump would be a better guest than Biden anyways.

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