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Incest. What are your thoughts?

So its been a long time since Ive made a debate let alone have been on the site. So I thought I might make a debate.

Im against it

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Im all for it.

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I'm personally against it and this is coming from a guy who supports bestiality/zoophilia and homosexuality. The main reason for this is because if they have a child it can cause all sorts of health problems for it. Now there are two arguments that I will mostly get from people.

1. "They can just get an abortion"

2. "They can just use protection."

1.What if they cant afford an abortion?

2.Protection isn't always 100% accurate.

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thousandin1(1931) Clarified
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So would you be ok with it if one or both incestuous partners were permanently sterile, either due to a medical or genetical condition or a surgical procedure such as vasectomy or tubal ligation?

Would you be ok with it if both incestuous partners were of the same sex?

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Hm I actually never kept that in mind to be honest but you make a good case. I suppose if they were the same same sex or sterile I would be ok with it but if they were the opposite sex and if they are not sterile I don't think they should be allowed. I didn't have that in mind when I made this debate so thank you.

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Centifolia(1319) Disputed
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Under that logic, you are also condemning everyone who carries a genetic disease.

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Why shouldn't they be condemned? It is selfish to bring a child into the world knowing that it is likely that either they or their children will suffer and die young.

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thousandin1(1931) Clarified
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Should we be encouraging people with genetic diseases to breed? Whatever happened to the adoption option? There are far more children put into the system every year than there are families to adopt them.

If someone carrying a genetic disease wants to have children, then they really should adopt rather than perpetuate their disease.

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Cartman(18192) Clarified
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More accurately, it would be condemning someone who has a genetic disease and decides it would be cool to pass it on to someone else.

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HumannamuH(209) Clarified
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Under that logic, you are also condemning everyone who carries a genetic disease

Hmm..I don't think so- a bit slanted maybe.

Animedude69 was clearly just saying that it wouldn't be a good idea if they were not sterile for these many prudent reasons:

a) If one parent carries a genetic disease, there is a 50% chance that the first child will inherit it, although it becomes less towards the latter.

b) It would be their choice, but it can/ does cause suffering in some cases. Just a heads up.

c) I know we were talking about Incest prior to this moment, but it is a relevant point to make. There are some serious facts; besides the shame some people may wrongly associate/ identify 'incest' with vulgar things of which I do not hold, genetic disease is just one reason which is more prevalent with incest, sorry, well back to the statement made, he did not condemn incest, neither do I recall condemning everyone who carries a genetic disease. Quite impossible as most people are unaware/ unaffected by being the carriers who will pass it on.

d) Also, you haven't stated your own opinion yet. Do you think incest justified/ doesn't need to be justified/ not justified?

e) Technically you could be condemning both ( a person with genetic disease involved in incest) but that isn't the main point.

The law doesn't condemn incest, nor the Bible and neither do I.

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I'm all for it, is probably going a bit .. too far.

When two people who are not minors, and know the consequense of incest want to be together, I can't really see the big deal.

And yes, I do see the weird thing where a father is madly in love with his daugter, and could probably .. make her tell others that she feels the same way. But if you think about, anyone could make someone else say that, whether they're family or not.

But often when discussing incest we are often talking about grandfathers molesting his 6 year old grand daughter, that is a whole other subject.

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If they're both consenting adults, then meh.... I don't care.

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I'm neither all for it, nor against it. I feel the same way as I do for any consensual sex. I don't care what two adults do in their bed room, or in the car, or in the park while no one's there, so long as no one's getting hurt I say do as you please.

Now obviously they should not have children. I feel they shouldn't because of the chances of having a disabled child increasing.

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I'm all for gay incest because then you don't have to worry about deciding whether to have an abortion or hope the baby comes out normal (effectively taking the innocent child out of the equation ;).

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