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Be different NO! Stay the same
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Individualism. Like personality wise, characteristics,

being completely different, or carbon-based the same?

Should we be different or the same?

Be different

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NO! Stay the same

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Each individual is unique. There can be unity through diversity.

Side: Be different
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Individualism = Putting the individuals wants before the groups needs

Collectivism = Putting the groups needs before the individuals wants.

Collectivism however doesn't mean surrendering your individual identity.

You got the idealism behind individualism wrong.

Side: Collectivism
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Actually, what I had typed up there was what I meant.

It was a much more simpler debate question,


-We should all look the same


And such. Sorry If I had not made it clear. But you have given me quite a definition on that account.

Side: No! Stay the same