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Porn Good Or Bad?

Is internet a good or bad thing to have been made?

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Intentionally for the good of humanity however there will always be those that find

it useful for the opposite purposes.

The only problem, as with many things we invent, is when we create something that is beyond our power to control.


What a silly question...

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Ofcourse it's good, it's an abundance of knowledge and recourses.

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Internet is so good as long as we use it nicely. We use it in a bad way, we get bad results. We do good, its a surely good thing. It's not something that is alive, its humans who must decide whether to use or abuse it.

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I depends on the way you use it. If you use it for computer games, it can be bad. If you use it for studies, it can be good. I use it for both :)

The internet is an amazing tool, whether it is good or bad depends upon how we use it.