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Iran Should Have To Change?

Would you approve if Congress were to add a stipulation to the proposed Nuclear Arms Deal mandating a Human Rights provision that Iran must stop discrimination against women and must end the persecution of Gays?


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It makes sense. We can stop the horrible treatment of women an gays in Iran, even if you don't support same-sex marriage if you're a decent person you'll support their right to be alive.

There's no reason not to

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I agree. The LGBT Community should push Congress to add this stipulation. Iran is executing Gays. It is estimated that from 1979 to the present that 4,000 - 6,000 homosexuals in Iran have been executed. This is a major Human Rights violation!

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Its Upon Women of Iran... Iran has its own Islamic setup...If Iranian Women are satisfied...then its Ok. If majority of women want and think they should need more freedom...than its internal issue and let Iran to Solve itself unless Iran take Path of Violence against women on their right demands which are within Islamic Law Limit.

And on issue of same sex marriage...No need to discuss. Muslim countries and their rules do not allow and they are against it....

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