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Iran - What will happen?

Since Iran's disputed election, protests and violence have erupted and the fallout from the election has gained worldwide news coverage and importance.

There are two main outcomes to what is happening now in Iran, either these protests will prove to be successful and things will change in Iran, or the current government regime will emerge successful and squash the protests.  Are the people of Iran strong enough and brave enough to lay down their lives to create change in their country?  To what extent will the government of Iran fight to suppress these protests?

What do you believe the outcome of this turmoil will be?


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No Change in the End

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Hopefully Israel will finally get involved.

Militarily, it would be great for us to take over Iran. Iran, Afghanistan, and Iraq are the three headed dragon of the Middle East. If we end the regime in Iran, we would have complete control of the Middle East, making this fight against Insurgents, the Taliban and most importantly, al-Qaeda, much much easier.

But the invasion of Iraq (which gave us a great advantage over Iran in the first place) has left America in turmoil. The War itself isn't the problem, it's the people who oppose it so much that they fail to see the military advantage we have right now. Yes, looking back there are other ways we could have handled Iraq, but looking at the present we see our opportunity and the people are too afraid to take it.

I can only hope for strong encouragement from military Generals and strategists on Obama. Especially if Israel makes the initial attacks, it might be easier to get America and everyone else on board.

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iamdavidh(4816) Disputed
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Wow are you misinformed. Iraq and Iran balanced out eachother's power, one being run by Sunni the other Shiite. Now Shiites are in power in both countries and they can quit worrying about eachother and concentrate on Israel and the West. There is no advantage to invading Iraq, even Conservatives (mostly) grudgingly agree it was only worth doing if they actually had had WMDs... which of course we know now the Bush admin even knew they didn't.

Not to mention it went from a country where the Taliban was not allowed, to a recruiting mecca.

So let me get this straight, in the world you live in, it's people who are against the war's fault that it's a collosal waiste of time, life, and resources? So if we all just pretend with you that it's a great idea everything will be okay?

Must be nice to live in that world, unicorns magic rainbows and all...

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ThePyg(6706) Disputed
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You have to understand the Geographical opportunities Iraq has given us against Iran.

I understand where you're coming from, but hear me out, friend.

We have Iran in a military choke hold. The Sunni and Shiite issue could have gone many different ways, but it in no way would have given us an advantage for very long. No matter what, radicals dominated the Middle East. I see what you mean by them having the problems with each other, but they still had problems with us and Israel. No one knows how it all could have played out. It could have been very likely that they would find us as a mutual fiend, or one would succeed and then press on towards us. With our control of both Iraq and Afghanistan, Iran is surrounded and stands no chance to spread any power or his forces. The gun is loaded and well aimed, all we have to do is pull the trigger.

Iraq could have been handled differently, I understand, but what I was talking about was that we should try and look at what we CAN do with the current situation instead of trying to force this idea that all is lost and we have failed. I did it and many other strategists have. Militarily, we have a major advantage. All we need is for Israel to strike first (which they've been wanting to do for so long) and hopefully we'll follow them in. With two great military forces against Iran along with allies already fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, it's not too unrealistic to presume that our allies will fight in Iran as well. It is the same war.

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It is now 2015 and President Obama has orchestrated a Nuclear Arms Deal with Iran. It is now up to Congress to pass it.

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Human nature dictates that those in power will do what they can to stay in power and the civilian population will not continue once casualties get too high.

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pvtNobody(645) Disputed
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The inverse being the more civilians take casualties the more unrest there will be. There's an inequality in effect.

If civilian fear < civilian outrage then revolution. Where fear is proportional to the amount of force used.

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The other guy is not any better, the only change may be that Iran does not nuke Israel after Obama lets them have a nuclear arsenal.

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