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 Iran finally admitted they shot down the Jet. Why would anyone ever believe them? (2)

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Iran finally admitted they shot down the Jet. Why would anyone ever believe them?

Iran said that they had killed 35 Americans and that they did not shoot down the Jet. So how could anyone ever believe a word out of their mouth? What must their people think about them?

Obama believed them with his nuclear deal, and part of the deal was that we could not investigate to verify that Iranians were holding up their end of the deal.

You wonder why Republicans hated that deal? Trump made it very clear that Iran can never get nuclear weapons. They would hold the world hostage if allowed to possess them.

Imagine if this Democrat Party were in power when Hitler was taking power. He would have gotten the atom bomb while Democrats were busy pushing LGBT agendas. Thank God we have a real leader today!
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Obama would have told Hitler we will talk after the election. Hitler would have agreed to some lame deal and Obama would give him back Billions to attain an atom bomb.

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I think you've hit the nail on the head with your comment about the Iranian people.

Iran's rogue regime can only be dislodged permanently by a popular uprising, with a little help with Uncle Sam's financial clout.

The problem is that this process can be a protracted affair and who knows what will happen in the interim period.

One thing's for sure, Israel will never let Iran complete its nuclear bomb programme and this is a probable reason for Trump's determination to stop Iran from doing so before Israel picks up the gauntlet.

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Yes, it would be better if America stopped Iran's nucler ambitions rather then Israel. Either way we would end up involved.