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Is America too involved in other country's affairs?

Do you think that our country is too involved in other country's affairs or do you think our involvement is justifiable?


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Absolutely. Like, the government is a child with ADD that has to go look at what everyone else is doing and meddle instead of doing their own work. -__-

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We are way too nosey and that has ended badly because of it.

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well it is, but for good reason. We are technically a super power, other countries would not feel bad if our government failed, so we are kind of protecting our selves. I don't think it's right though.

Is it true that America doesn't allow Japan to have a navy, or military or something?

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I wish America would adhere with isolationism. America can use all that money to solve the problems right here in our own country.

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The USA is too involved? When we don't get involved people whine and complain, the UN depends on the US too perform the majority of its peacekeeping roles, if the EU claims to be equal to the US then they should be told to do more as well. This however is an expectation towards the US alone.

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