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Is American Health Care Reform Needed?

I recently came accross an article ( which had some intereseting up to date facts in it along with where those facts came from. The US spends around 10 000$ per person annually on health care while Canada spends around 4000$ per person annually, however the spending doesn't translate to results as the US is 27th on the global life expectancies of nations while Canada is 10th. I posted a debate similar to this a while back but I feel like reintroducing it after reading the article. *Note, the stats listed in the description are not from the same year as the image.


I think we could all learn a little from whatever Japan is doing.



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Yes, reform is needed as the costs are too high... no doubt about that. But Obamacare is not the way to go. Also, health care in the US is among the best in the world if you can afford it. The U.S. is always going to have struggles because of our size, the third most populated nation, 311 million people. The next closest modern nation with a significant middle class is Japan and their population is one third that of the U.S. Japan's life expectancy is impressive but a lot of that has to do with diet and culture, etc... not to take anything away from their accomplishment. Canada, like almost all cold weather nations (except Russia) has a high standard of living overall... no doubt about it. America needs health care reform and most Americans on both the left and right would agree. Just what the reform looks like... that's the tricky part and considering our economic situation right now, we have bigger problems to tackle first.

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