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Is BLM the Klan with a tan?


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This terrorist organisation is a serious threat to any country which is infested by blacks.

As we've seen, and indeed experienced,this fanatical group has significantly more potential for murder and destruction globally than the KKK ever had, or ever could have.

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megangrace(2) Disputed
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BLM is not a hate organization. The KKK is one. Comparing the two is extremely wrong and ignorant. Although some BLM supporters are acting in violent ways most are not and most are just trying to support a group of people that are struggling. The KKK has murdered between 38 and 217 people (all in horrific ways). Comparing a movement trying to create equality and an organization that kills people solely on their race and religion is extremely wrong.

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BLM formed because of brutality against a race. The Klan formed because they wanted to brutalize a race.

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Transit(32) Disputed
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The Klan formed because they wanted to brutalize a race.

"BLM Leader: White People Are Subhuman"


"Black Lives Matter Bans White People From Attending ‘Open Meeting"


Portland cop reports ‘frightening’ racist chants from white BLM supporters hurled at them

“A lot of times, someone of color – black, Hispanic, Asian – will come up to the fence, and directly want to talk to me: ‘Hey, what do you think about George Floyd? What do you think about what happened with the police?’” Jackson said.

Then, “someone white” would walk up and start saying “eff the police” or “don’t talk to him,” Jackson recalled.

“It’s been very eye-opening,” Jackson said during the briefing, adding that he’s witnessed more minorities among his counterparts in the police department than within the crowds of violent protesters. 2020/07/17/cop-reports-frightening-racist-chants-from-white-blm-supporters/amp/

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