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Is BLUE for boys?

Traditionally blue is used to represent boy babies and pink is used to represent girl babies.  Do you agree that blue is the best representation for boys over girls?

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Absolutely not! My son's favorite color as young child 3-4 years old was pink and then as he got older he was told that "pink is a girl's color" and didn't like it anymore. I think it's a shame to place gender stereotypes on colors and children feel ashamed at a young age for something as innocent as liking a color.

Also I know plenty of girls who like blue. I recently went to a baby shower for a girl baby and the color scheme was blue and yellow. There were super cute dresses, blankets, etc. made with royal blue and yellow patterns.

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A long time ago pink was actually used as the color for boys. Colors and their representation are nearly always changing so I'd say just go for whatever color your child likes. My daughter likes and looks amazing in, I want to say it's teal? It's a very lovely shade of blue. And my son happens to like super bright hot pink, almost red but is still pink.

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John Wayne often wore pink in westerns. Unfortunately, it is not possible to post a photo here for all to see.

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The old black and white TV show Adams Family had an all pink set because it showed up better on TV.

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