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Is Barack Obama an idiot?

will he ruin the country?

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OH look at him hes the FIRST BLACK president and he does not know how to run America

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What person that isn't a idiot would want prisoners released that their own countries don't want, bring in Iraqis and place them all over the country when the Americans that actually live here are without jobs and homeless, when does he plan on taking care of the people who voted for him? All he cares about is showing his terrorist kinfolk that he welcomes them to see what else they can destroy. The millions that he promised to Americans is being given back to the people that covered up for him, ACORN. Just because people are educated doesn't mean that they can't be idiots. He has proven time and time again with his actions that he has his own plans for this country. I hope that you are going to be happy supporting people from another country while our own have to live in shelters, on the streets or in roach and rat infested ghettos. I pray everyday for our men, women and fallen heroes that have given up their lives fighting a war to protect our lives and freedom that we enjoy. Has anyone thought about them and what they gave up to keep our freedom, for prisoners being released and our own being discarded on the streets to make room for foreigners to live in their homes. I am proud to be American and I realize that we are a melting pot for all cultures which is welcomed but before we take more on we need to take care of our own which he seems not to acknowledge.

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Releasing prisoners to their own country, whether they want them or not, is nothing new in war. They are, after all, citizens of where they came from! Where would you like them to go?Bringing the Iraqi's here and placing them in different prisons has nothing whatever to do with Americans who are out of work, homeless or whatever else you perceive is happening to our own citizens. We aren't putting the Iraqi's to work...we're putting them in PRISON to await trial. There is absolutely nothing you have written in your argument that makes sense or holds a drop of water. If you don't like President Obama that's fine but don't accuse him of things he is not and has not done! The President has no terrorist kinfolk and the millions, as you put it, is not anywhere near his hands as yet. That money will be meted out on the Senate floor before the bill ever reaches him. You don't seem to know very much about the way things work here. You also don't seem to know what you're talking about across the board. Can you tell us which foreigners will be living in those homes and which veterans are being discarded onto the streets?

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I agree with sisters.. he should be educated but he's a real idiot coming to politics - he doesn't care about his own people but he cares about Iraqis and Afghans who could sort their problems out themselves!

He might be clever IQ wise but as u can see, he makes silly slips in saying stuff and also his politics are lets say... a bit leftist for me. he is also a bit over paranoid - nuclear terrorism?

And to top it all he promised that he would withdraw from Afghanistan and instead, he wades further into a war which isn't his business and sends more Americans to their deaths!

And also he doesn't allow other countries to interfere in people's home affairs eg Iraq but HE does!

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sigh - where to begin...

he doesn't care about his own people but he cares about Iraqis and Afghans who could sort their problems out themselves!

since you don't back it up with any example - I'll just write this one off as pulled out of your butt. But just a reminder that he is not the President who deployed the troops to Iraq or Afghanistan.

his politics are lets say... a bit leftist for me

he announced his policies and won the election - that's how our democracy works

he is also a bit over paranoid - nuclear terrorism?

Do you think there is 0 chance that a terrorist would use nuclear material if they could, or 0 chance that they could obtain any nuclear material? Because if neither of those 2 things are impossible, then he should be paranoid.

he promised that he would withdraw from Afghanistan

That is the exact opposite of reality.

"I will send at least two additional combat brigades to Afghanistan" - July 17, 2008

further into a war which isn't his business

right - who's business is it again?

he doesn't allow other countries to interfere in people's home affairs eg Iraq but HE does!

I'm not sure if that is a sentence or a word jumble. We were in Iraq about 5 years before he took office.

Facts are more easy to access than ever before, but people still chose ignorance.

(PS - you aren't even competent enough to select your position correctly as you say "I agree with sisters", yet marked your position with "No he isn't" an idiot.) Idiots used to at least know that they weren't informed and not participate in grown up talk - now they don't know and don't care that they don't know.

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Hussein (otherwise known as Obama) is not a believer in America. He constantly goes to the American people and tells them lie after lie and just expects the American people to believe it. We have an American ambassador that is killed in a terrorist county and the president acts as if he had no prior knowledge to this when the military was asking for extra protection due to threats that were being made. The attacks in the middle east on America were planned and the inability of the president to act appropriately cost numerous Americans their lives. Almost every single campaign promise that he made when he ran for president in 2008 has been broken. He has increased the national debt more than every president in our history, COMBINED!!!!! The president is bankrupting this country and if the American people are too ignorant to see what is happening to our country then the next 4 years of Hussein destroying our county will be irreversible. For the hope of America and our children's children we need to vote Hussein out of office.

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no, since he got a Masters in something.

Carl Marx was also a very smart man though. it's just some people prefer a little more freedom with their America.

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He not only graduated from Harvard Law School, but did it Magna Cum Laude--which means in the top ten percent of his class. Even if you give affirmitive action credit for letting him in to Harvard, you CANNOT attribute that kind of competitive intellectual success to social action.


Additionally, he was elected president of the Harvard Law Review, the most prestigious law review in the nation. This is the highest student position at Harvard.


So, unless you personally have been admitted to an Ivy-league school and voted head honcho to one of the country's most respect publications, Obama's a heck of a lot smart than either you or me.

And unless you're even more of one, that means Obama is not an idiot.

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To be fair to the discussion at-hand, I also googled the defiinitio of 'idiot':

Definitions of idiot on the Web:

- a person of subnormal intelligence

- Idiot is a word derived from the Greek ἰδιώτης, idiōtēs ("person lacking professional skill," "a private citizen," "individual"), from ἴδιος, idios ("private," "one's own"). ...

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- From Eng. idea, and out. One who is just out of ideas.

- An extremely incompetent or foolish person.

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yes, book smart. but it seems that's the only thing people want to look at.

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Well how do you define or determine "smart" if not via educational and professional success?

I googled the definition of "smart"; which one were you referring to?

Definitions of smart on the Web:

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- chic: elegant and stylish; "chic elegance"; "a smart new dress"; "a suit of voguish cut"

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Supporting Evidence: Google Definition Smart (
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Nope, he is a very intelligent man, even if you disagree with his policies.

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No, he is just too conservative......................................................

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It is now 2015 and the President is an intelligent man who took the initiative to create a nuclear arms deal with Iran.

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