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Is Bombmaking A Right For Law-Abiding Muslims?

What is the problem with peaceful, law-abiding citizens making BOMBS??

Do you American idiots ever listen to the stupid crap which comes out of your mouths?

I Admit It

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But Mein Guns

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The MOOSLIMES used PRESSURE COOKERS at the BOSTON MARATHON BOMBING ! What you got for us there LIMEY !!!!!!!!!!!

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The government must have came to take away their guns but confiscated their brains instead.

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Fucking liberal troll! People have the absolute moral RIGHT to protect and defend, self, others, and property. I am so fucking tired of race baiting, criminal loving terrorist sympathizers who hate Christians. Fuck you!

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seanB(959) Disputed
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Protect and defend, yes. Not fucing allow idiots and mentally handicapped fucks buy guns and murder people. But as usual, gun retards are too stupid to understand satire and nuance.

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Is Bombmaking A Right For Law-Abiding Muslims?

Sure is. And just like guns, you can't murder people and not go to prison. Looks like you're stuck nom. Now what?

Should governments have guns and bombs? Until they don't, too damn bad.

Nothing better than you telling us how evil the US military is, just to turn around and tell us only they should be armed. You have the common sense of a dead fucking rat.

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Bootstrap(226) Disputed
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you can't murder people and not go to prison.

People get away with murder all the time.

Get out please, idiot.

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Bootstrap(226) Disputed
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Sure is.

Banned for being an idiot. This thread is an idiot free zone. Sorry about that.

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