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Is Bush Stupid?


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I can't imagine anyone elected president is actually stupid. A lot of his administrations mismanagement of the government appears to be laziness. They didn't do their homework and it cost many of us dearly.

Bush is the most incompetent President I've ever experienced.

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If you are talking about George Bush as a person then I would say yes, he is probably not very intelligent. Also the fact that he was made president, and the amount of intelligence and thought process that job requires didn't do him any favors, it actually highlighted his intellectual shortcomings a lot more. He was not fit for the throne as they say.

Having said that, I do not believe that this man was actually running the country. I don't think he himself came up with any of the policies he brought about. In my opinion he was just a poster boy, while the strings were being pulled by all the neo-cons behind the scenes... and they... were not stupid! :o)

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war on a country that wasnt even involved in 9:11

need i say more?

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MKIced(2510) Disputed
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Wait, so you're basing his intelligence on how he pronounces certain words? That's how people are raised. If you grow up in a certain region, you tend to pick up that region's dialect.

And even though he attacked Iraq, which wasn't involved in 9/11, there was still some good in there. Look at the improvements in Iraq, the biggest one being the end of Saddam Hussein's reign! So yes, you do need to say more.

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simoriah(201) Disputed
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ok, well, i was born and raised in texas and i can pronounce my words. and politicians have to practice that kind of stuff. and the whole reason we attacked iraq was bc they killed however many of our people, and to "avenge" that the government, under his authority, sent out more of our people to be killed? just so we could kill a bunch of women and children who didnt have a choice?

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I agree that bush is not the "best president" we have had in our history. Most people would agree that he is "stupid" and "dumb" but i would not use those words to describe him.

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He caused the economic recession and got this country involved in two wars.

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No, Bush is not "stupid". However, Bush is extremely ill-spoken, and slightly "off" at times. I do believe he posses some true intelligence. I'll give him that...

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I don't think it's possible for the president of these United States to actually be "stupid". They may act really dumb at times and make bad choices, but I think one of the main qualities shared by all of the presidents is intelligence. It's just that they don't always use it. :)

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It should be obvious that no-one can really be defined as 'dumb', least of all the president of the United States Of America. Some people can simply see a person misusing a word(s) in the wrong context, or perhaps messing up a speech, etc. What they need to think about is whether or not they themselves have been perfect with their words. Not many people can imagine being the president, because they would have to have been president to know what the position is like; however, if i had to give an opinion, then it would be that the position is EXTREMELY difficult. Bush doesn't 'lead' America, he represents it, as do all leaders of their particular group or country. There would be a lot of pressure while being a representative, with billions of American (and foreign) eyes watching your every action in your position, of course you're going to make a few mistakes. So don't say that Bush is dumb because of how he may 'pronounce' or 'misuse' certain words or sentences, just see him as a man trying to 'do his job', and be thankful that he does it to the expectations of many and that he does the job at his best.

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