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Yes, more positive. No, more boring.
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Is C D better under the new rules?

Have the new rules made the site more conducive to reasoned debate without the obscenities and personal attacks or has the imposition of a *code of practise* reduced its *unique type of entertainment value?

Yes, more positive.

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No, more boring.

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Well, yes...but everyone got what they asked for. !!!

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Well, my position is that the site is significantly better and, generally speaking we can all post our views without the fear of being cursed into, and back out off Hell.

Of course there are a few diehards whose tourette syndrome renders them incapable of not swearing.

The initial impact of the clean up rules will result in a number of the more aggressive members having petty huffs and not participating to the extent they used to.

However, their predictable juvenile indignance will fade and we'll hopefully see them back on giving us all a laugh.

Andy, your introduction of the new rules was correct as it was what the vast majority of members wanted to see happening.

Marketing with a capital M is having what people want and not what you think they want, thus MARKET RESEARCH.


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I think so , the usual suspects though are posting up nonsense and childish topics as a reaction to the recent purge but this was fully anticipated , anything that masks their inability to debate is used as a cover for their seething anger at being exposed

This will all blow over if and when they get employment or a life and they get over themselves

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I haven't really noticed a difference. But then again people who are not abusers of the system probably would not feel any new bite from the rules anyway, right?

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I haven't noticed TOO much of a difference, there are still some debates that are more mean spirited then they are keeping with the spirit of this site, but can't change people.

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What new rules? I wasn't informed?

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Antrim(1297) Clarified
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Yes you were. I saw your response to Andy's announcement a few days ago, so let's have your answer.

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What? I didn't see Andy's post until after I left an argument here, today. I looked for it because of this debate.

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