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Is China racist for gulaging it's own Chinese people


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China is truly rogue state which, through criminal negligence and shameful deceit has dragged the rest of the world into a shambolic mess of death, suffering and economic disaster.

This is communism in it's standard guise and follows the path of Stalin, Chairman Mao, and the Khmer Rouge regime.

Behind the smug smirk of Xi Jinping lies the death and subjugation of millions and the cause of an unprecedented global catastrophe.

The frightening feature of all this is that such despots are the heroes of the luney lefties who openly extol such ruthless leaders while vilifying their own democratically elected heads of state.

Hey lefties, I hope you enjoy being under house arrest and out of work for the foreseeable future, all courtesy of Wing Wang Woo..

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China is truly rogue state

The rest of the world couldn't disagree more. It quite rightly understands that the US is the rogue state.

Among the polls he was referring to was the WIN/Gallup International poll back in 2013. “Which country do you think is the greatest threat to peace in the world today?” This was one question asked. The BBC reported that the United States was the champion by a substantial margin, winning three times the votes of second-place Pakistan.

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This is communism in it's standard guise

Its "standard guise" of high economic growth?

China's economy: A remarkable transformation. ... According to official statistics, economic growth has averaged 9.5% over the past two decades and seems likely to continue at that pace for some time. 92seconomy:Aremarkable_transformation.html

You are a truly stupid, regressive, backwoods racist idiot who can't resist opening his stupid mouth and illustrating it to the rest of the world.

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