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Is He hates Christians
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Is Christian Bale thanking Satan a swipe at Islam and Jews?

Christian Bale Thanks ‘Satan’ for ‘Giving Me Inspiration’ to Play ‘Charisma-Free A**hole’ Dick Cheney at Golden Globes



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He hates Christians

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No he wasn't taking a swipe at anyone but himself. He was using self-depreciating humor to accept his award. If you read the first part of his speech he clearly see's himself as a charisma-free, reviled by everybody, asshole.

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Undertaker(11) Disputed
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I bet Jesus wants you to support people like that. What do you think?

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Mint_tea(4137) Disputed
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"Support" implies giving approval and encouragement of behaviors regardless of thought or circumstance, right or wrong. So most likely not.

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