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 Is Crypto-Currency Orwellian?? (3)

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Is Crypto-Currency Orwellian??

Does it bypass the IMF?  Or will they take control of crypto?  Will it become like Platinum Bars in Star Wars? Is it a historic turn?
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One negative thing is that they don’t cover a lot of projects currently.

I wasn’t able to use their service for some of the ICOs I’d like to invest in, as they are not supporting them. On the other side, the ones that they do, appear to be very well known, and with a good reputation in the community, which I guess is to be expected if they really conduct extensive research, following and monitoring on the projects they cover, as they claim.

Overall, investing in selected and well researched ICOs and limiting your risk exposure to project’s failures with third-party service like ICO-Refund, in my opinion, is the safest and most profitable way to earn money in crypto at the moment.

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