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Is Disney "REALLY" Evil?????????

If you've seen the online videos and heard the stories you probably know what im talking about. Has Disney really been putting subliminal messages in their movies and music. There are two accusations that really sticks out of the others for me. The first one is called Arabian Night's and it's from Alladin. The other is a song from dumbo where it sounds like there talking about black people during slavery It's called the Song of the Roustabouts..........................oh and i almost forgot about the "Crows"

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disney is retarded for supporting no talent singers like miley cyrus...and that is poisoning youth...i mean wat happened to good old mickey settin a good example, and now we hav retards in miniskirts

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i'm afraid i would have to disagree. i believe disney knew what they were doing when they drew a penis on the cover of the little mermaid or when the gave the priest an erection. OR those countless sex subliminal messages throught their movies................and come on THE CROWS>>>>>>

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Sadly, Disney is evil. Bad examples everywhere. Apparently it's funny to be a brat to your friends in their logic.

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I don't think so. They have made great movies in the past. Sure they have made a few mistakes, but it has comp;etely changed the filmmaking industry.

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