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Is Drag Queen Story Hour a Commie PLOT to DESTROY our nations children?


Or is it a fun and fabulous literary experience? “DQSH celebrates learning and play, encouraging kids to celebrate gender diversity and all kinds of difference, while building confidence in expressing themselves.” 

Of course, it would bother you if you thought homosexuality is a CHOICE. But, I'd ask those people, WHERE they learned to be a heterosexual?



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It IS, excon.. IGNORE

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lol you silly liberals, you are just conservatives with low T who sit around thinking about trannies all day. If you were a real leftist you would be talking about changing the system in meaningful ways. You are contributing to the retardation of modern politics by breathing life into issues like this and creating debates about them. The right wing propagandists want everyone to think leftism is about being an SJW and you pseudo-leftist liberals only help them misrepresent the REAL left by being a bunch of pussies and not standing up to capitalism. You are not a leftist, you are a corporate liberal pussy and you are the reason why right wingers think all these capitalist corporations are run by cultural Marxists when you assist them in conflating leftism with censorship and tranny-obsessed soy boys.

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excon(14600) Disputed
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the REAL left by being a bunch of pussies and not standing up to capitalism.

Hello S:

I WOULD stand up to capitalism.. I LIKE all this sharing of resources stuff.. A cashless society sounds great.. I'm IN. BUT, for one thing...

How do you put dinner on the table every night? If you don't BUY groceries at a "store", where do you get them? Does a truck come by? Do you DRIVE to get them? Where did your car come from? In your cashless society, do you have a house, or do you live in a huge project? If you're not required to work, do you get the same groceries as the people who DO work?

I'm just curious.. I MIGHT be in, but these are important questions.. Oh, I've asked them before... You didn't answer.. I don't wonder why.


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The fact that you assume having anything requires money shows me that you aren't really trying to understand since it's common knowledge that humans did things and had things for tens of thousands of years before the invention of money or the concept of property rights. Everything is kind of like a library in an RBE except it is not publicly "funded" per se but instead directly supported by labor and resources. In a capitalist society people do things to get payed, in an RBE people do things to maximize the productivity and efficiency of society because the more productive and efficient society is the more they will benefit from being in it. It requires a certain level of understanding which could easily be taught to even an average human if it was culturally ingrained similar to how everyone is taught and expected to conform to various cultural values only it is based on reason rather than mere programming. It basically is a mindstate that says "even though I won't be directly payed, I will contribute to society because the more I contribute the better society will be and thus the better my life will be". It takes a level of maturity that humans don't collectively have as of yet, because it requires people to see how everything is connected and how their efforts come back to benefit them. To put it as simply as possible, if you help build a road that might be the same road that your newly ordered DNA test comes by, thus you are helped by it even if you aren't payed. And even if the road doesn't directly make your life better, it might help someone who in some way helps the guy testing your DNA through a domino effect thus making the process more efficient for you. The basic principle is that helping society helps you because it just makes everything work more smoothly if everyone does stuff and reciprocates. Even if you are a total psychopath you will conform to the RBE if you have enough capacity to reason because it is ultimately better for yourself as long as you can expect reciprocation, whereas in a capitalist society there is no larger understanding or social contract going on with society as a whole and you will only do what will get you payed.

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Chinaman(2982) Clarified
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Capitalism defines why Democrats use children for your freak show narrative.

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Nope. There are a whole bunch of mental gymnastics you have to go through to there.

Lets break the question down.

Drag queen story hour. Why does it exist? At least to teach children tolerance of people not like them. Lets just stipulate that for a second.

Commie plot. I don't know where such a person making this claim has been for the past 70 years but, communists don't have much influence in the US. You would be hard-pressed to get a tea party of communists assembled, let alone the scale of what it would take to execute a plot of this scale. And then given the number of people involved and the nature of the programs, it would not be a secret for long. There would be evidence by now.

Destroy our nations children. Define destroy. Its a pretty subjective term in this context.

If you are a transphobe who wants everyone in the country to look, walk, act, and talk like you, yes, whoever it is doing this, is trying to destroy your children, to you.

However, if you want a peaceful, serene society without all this identity strife where people just accept or at least tolerate each other, then no, the children will be fine.

And so, to revisit the first point we stipulated earlier now that we established what the end actually is, it's actually a two-way street. That is, these lessons should be teaching children not only to tolerate others, but to also tolerate themselves and expect tolerance from others when they are different. To not change and conform to what intolerant people want.

One final point. This is not just some bespoke SJW talking point or whatever. All of these mini-fights over rights and tolerance of smaller groups are just examples of the overall scheme of tolerating and giving rights to people who don't fit the template.

And please think about that for a second. There is a template of what a person should or shouldn't be. Let's call the template, the super person, or ubermensch in German, and this person has all of the characteristics the majority of the population desire. The farther you stray from the template, the more likely you will get mocked, harassed, attacked, have your rights taken away, or even die.

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Heterosexuals are or have become an issue for the Democrats. Democrats love of children are now to turn them into freak shows to push a twisted , distorted narrative and then we must discuss why they have mental issues.

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If this does not sicken you, you are as lost as it comes.

People like you are outraged at the thought of Christian symbols from our Christian heritage in our schools or public lands, worrying kids might be influenced by these symbols, etc., and sit by like complete low end zombies as the Left outright indoctrinates our children into this Leftist LGBT extremism.


Side: It IS, excon.. IGNORE

This has nothing to do with tolerance, or respecting other's differences! The Left has never been tolerant of Christian beliefs, or symbols of our Christian heritage.

The Left is closed minded when it comes to religion. They do all in their power to censor even historic symbols from public.

Tolerance for diversity is meant for ALL PEOPLE!

LGBT groups deserve no special mention. This is outright conditioning of our most impressionable children. The Left wants to brainwash them into this political correct cult before they get out of elementary school!

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