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Is Dragon Ball Z a Liberal or Conservative show?

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I don't know if you're the same person that keeps bringing up all of these liberal-conservative debates, but Dragon Ball Z has nothing to do with liberal or conservative beliefs!! It's an animated children's show. I don't think the creators were really thinking about what kind of show they were, liberal or conservative.

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well I am the creator of the liberal hypocrite debate.

Dragon Ball Z is NOT a childrens show!!!!!!!!!!

it has too much material that could put it on adult swim!

thats just like saying inuyasha, naruto, boondocks, or some shows like those are kids shows.

kids shows are pokemon and avatar. dragon ball z is more of a nerds show like star wars or lord of the rings.

and you see star wars is actually a liberal show because george lucas and the actors are liberals.

avatar is also a liberal show if you pay attention to the story.

so I was wondering if dragon ball z is a right wing show.

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I'm gonna try to explain this in terms you'll understand...

do you know what a fucking moron is?

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then research it since you know so much about it. why would you really think that anybody would take it this seriously?

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I agree. It's anime for crying out loud ! cartoon creators don't think about what kind of government related messages they want to send out to kids. The whole fear of communist messages in the media was just a game, and from the sounds of it, so is this.

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Conservative since they believe in killing all of their enemies...

actually, i hardly remember that fuckin' show. but i used to love it.

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yeah I think it is right wing too but even action shows like that can be liberal.

like star wars & avatar.

do you hate DBZ now?

I'm collecting all their seasons.

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Lol, me to, I never really understood the characters, or the story line, but the action was actually pretty good for a cartoon.

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I remember I used to read the original Dragon Ball graphic novel, and I used to think it was really cool. But I've noticed in this series of stories, it's not enough just to defeat your enemies, but you need to actually mutilate them. I remember it as being overly violent, because the whole thing was just about fighting, fighting, fighting.

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What does mutilate mean? I haven't heard that word.

But yeah most of it is just fighting & violence. That's why it can't be a little kids show. It has too much fighting, blood, death, profanity, uncensored nudity, sexual behavior, & other stuff. It's more of a teen nerd show.

I bet if they showed it again it would be on adult swim.

But it is MUCH better buying it on DVD.

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This is an interesting question. On one hand there's a lot of violence, which would suggest conservative undertones. On the other hand, the "good" characters always try to avoid fighting and work out their differences peaceably, which would suggest liberal undertones.

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Aside from violence, there is another element of the story that alludes to conservative viewpoints that is very subtle. If we take a closer look at the role of capsule corporation you notice that they are the dominant corporate entity and were competitive rivals with the "Red Ribbon Army." This is the most blatant reference to communism in the entire series, as "reds" was a common word for communists after WW2 and used heavily in anti-communist literature.

The red army are often portrayed as either soldiers (in german military uniforms) or agents in black suits which resemble ones that might be worn by KGB agents. The Red Ribbon Army is also responsible for the creation of robotic assassins who stoically hunt the protagonists in service of their masters who seek world domination. Seems a little similar to the way communists are portrayed in McCarthyist propaganda.

Capsule corporation inherits the savior role in this dynamic, notice how they are a corporation vs an army, a government agency. This is exactly how conservatives try to portray their enemies during elections as these evil shady crooks with communist ties etc. This kind of rhetoric is routine for business owners, so it is no surprise that a manga company would try to capitalize on this.

So yeah, there are a lot of conservative references in the series. Another thing that made me intially ponder this was the idea that capsule corp seems to own a lot of public goods as well. Parks, stadiums, etc.

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