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Is Feminism In Western Civilization Needed Anymore?

Is Feminism Needed Anymore In Western Society? Please justify your reasoning and lets get ready to rumble!!


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A few miles away from me is the Westerly Yacht Club. Half a mile from that is (one) home of Taylor Swift. (It's for sale if you have a few million you don't know what to do with.) She is not allowed to be a member ... no women allowed ... (except as the spouse of a member, and then not allowed to have a voice in the organization).

Yes, Muslims aren't the only ones with antiquated views of a woman's "place". Feminism is not quite done, by a long shot!

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alpaca(7) Disputed
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You only show one instance of "inequality". And this is a stupid example, What if I said because of women's only clubs that the western world was sexist against men? Yeah, its a bad argument.

Heres some things that men have to suffer through, but we don't cry and moan like a baby.

-The fact that women on average get easier sentences for the exact same crime

-Even though feminists claim we live in a female-hating rape culture, female-on-male rape isn't taken seriously and you will be ridiculed and laughed at for saying you were raped as a man.

-Female-on-male domestic violence is also not taken seriously, and you will be ridiculed if you ever come out as being abused.

-Men have shorter life spans, are more likely to be murdered, be a victim of an act of violence,and are more likely to die in workplace injuries.

-Unless there is something seriously wrong with the mother, the mother will win the vast vast majority of the time in child custody court cases.

and many more.

So you can fuck off with your crybaby yacht club "sexism"

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Pointing out additional problems does not, in any way, undermine the existence of the first mentioned problem.

Neither does your belligerence.

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Advocacy for any social group - women, the aged, Jews, the vertically challenged, etc - never needs to end unless that group ever becomes so dominant their rights and needs need zero advocacy. Women are not there yet.

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Yes, Feminism is still needed in Western countries.

There may be more rights for women in the West than countries like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Afghanistan but males and females are still not treated 100% equally.

Did you know that Emma Watson, the actress who played Hermione Granger in Harry Potter, was payed less than the other two main characters, who were both male.

There is no country where there is complete equality between men and women. In many Western countries, people still treat women worse than men.

In Western countries, most people will probably believe that women should be able to work but I doubt that most people would still encourage women to run for President or Prime Minister. I personally believe that both genders should be treated equally.

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alpaca(7) Disputed
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First of all you showed only one instance of inequality, also maybe she, oh, I don't know, didn't get as much screen time? Yeah, dumbfuck the more screen time the more buck. By the way, you really they just saw that Emma Watson was a chick and decided to part of the check off? No! Idiot.

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Feminism is defined as the advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men. This has already been achieved and women as a result are doing better than men. If Feminist' want to attack a region for not granting women rights they should attack the Middle East. Anyway that is my 2 cents how about you guys?

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IAmSparticus(1516) Clarified
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They don't have social, political and economic equality in all of the Western world, so it is clearly still needed.

The idea that they must focus all of their energy on where in the world the problem is most severe in effect attempts to silence their criticisms domestically, and truly has no logical or reasonable basis.

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outlaw60(15367) Disputed
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You Idiot Progressive can you tell me women in Muslim Countries are well treated !

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I think a different term should be used to help with the un-stupidification of girls socially in general.

Many girls act like grown up children. They cause a lot of damage, and people pass it off and excuse their behavior, because they are women.

Girls are overly sexualized. But, a lot of girls like that. However, this has got to stop.

Guys have a bad reputation for being sex hounds, but, many girls are just like guys (it is a social constraint, that has convinced girls otherwise. But girls like sex.). I've known girls that go to bars to pick guys up. I've known girls that talk about guys, just like guys talk about girls.

Many girls utilize their femininity as an excuse to get more stuff, and people go with it. Look at Trump's the apprentice, and how girls used their sexuality to sell stuff.

A balance has to be found, in which these non-sense social weaknesses are brought to light.

I'm not saying that a guy that beats his wife, isn't a criminal, or that there aren't jerks out there. I believe anyone that pulls non-sense like that should either be killed or locked up. Whether they are a man or woman. However, a lot of times, these people snapping don't come out of nowhere. We also have to realize that. Furthermore, we also have to realize that not reacting extremely and making examples out of people, doesn't do any good. Unless a stance is made, the behavior continues.

Furthermore, when a stance is made, you have to know who you can let go, and who you have to get rid of. Because some people, simply cannot be reasoned with. History shows this. Education, is a partial indicator of this, but it isn't the sole one. Some people can't learn, and others go too far.

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AlofRI(3285) Clarified
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"Stupidified girls", African Americans, Hispanics, Muslims, liberals, Black Lives Matter members ....They seem to be anything but things to generalize, but they are especially by conservatives. Everyone is NOT "all alike", There is a majority of GOOD PEOPLE in all the aforementioned. It's the generalization that tears society apart. That is a nonsense, social weakness also.

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