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God name is Jesus God Name is Not Jesus
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Is God Name Jesus

Do you Believe God Name is Jesus.... Facts Say that Jesus is The Son Of God.... What Do you Believe

God name is Jesus

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God Name is Not Jesus

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His name was Yeshua in the native tongue. Jesus is the Greek interpretation of "God saves". Yahweh saves vs Jehovah saves. So yes, that is His name.

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Rdread2425(32) Disputed
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Okay back then in that Native Tongue Hebrew It was Yeh but when English Emerged Its Jesus.... Because what about Before Hebrew language... God Is Not of time... God is a Mighty Heavenly Spirit.... So If God Does not Go off of Time.... God has Been Dealing with man.... In Different Languages... So we as Humans Cant say that Hebrew was the Only Language God Spoke to people... What about The Old Asian tribes... Back million of Years ago... When they build them Pyramids like Egypt... The land that Sunk under the Ocean, They have Structure Just like Egypt... And that was back millions of years ago.... So God in this Language is JESUS... AND HIS SON NAME IS JESUS AMEN

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Atrag(5550) Disputed
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Please use capital letters correctly - it makes your posts very difficult to read when you randomly capitalise things.

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god gave HIS SON to us, so it is obvious that they are two different beings.

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Why would GOD's name be Jesus? As there is no mention of any trinity in the Catholic Book-aka BIBLE.

So why would Christians feel that GOD named HIS Sonny boy Jesus/Yeshua/GEEZUS when the name is

but a meaning?

What did GOD say to Moshe who HE is? Was GOD not called EL by the Canaanites before that?

So GOD didn't give out HIS name, only the Son knows the name of GOD and He referred to HIM as ABBA.

So does that make GOD the group called ABBA?

Therefore GOD's name ain't Jesus.


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