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Is God a Trinity?


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If you mean, does He have multiple personalities, then the answer is, Yes. The God in the Old Testament is different than the God in the New Testament ;)

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joecavalry(37867) Clarified
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In other words, God has a mental condition called split personality and He can get His shit together if He takes His meds ;)

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YeshuaBought(2654) Clarified
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Jesus wants you to know that He loves you, and He paid the price for all sinners, to repent, and receive Him, as God, Lord, and Savior. What sort of evidence do you need, to be a Christian?

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Just to be clear..., this is platonic love..., right ;)

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What sort of evidence do you need, to be a Christian?

The usual type. Just grinning at me with bulging eyes telling me how your invisible friend loves me doesn't really pass the bar as evidence for me. Sorry.

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