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 Is God a bad "father"? (3)

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Is God a bad "father"?

Christians always say that the reason why so many bad things happen is because we have free will and that if god helped us he would be taking away our free will.  Well doesnt god call us his "children".  dont parents sometimes take away there childrens free will to protect them? and isnt this considered good parenting?  example: no you can not go to that party because there will be drugs

It seems to me that god is just a really bad "father".

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How do you know that you've been restricted from doing something if you've never done it?

Couldn't flying be considered dangerous? Yet humans don't have wings. We weren't created with limbs that squirt acid poison at one another.

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Clarify please. :P

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1) There is no such thing as free will. The liberal view is that we have free will, which is in no way Biblical.

2) Only God's elect are His children.

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Well he did drown most of his children so I would have to say yes.